Ian Clayton and the Weapon of the Word in 2012!

I feel I have come a long way since leaving the safe fold of “MO Letters Only” taught by Family International Spiritual Shepherds in the Old Days of “FD” or Full-Time Discipleship.  Those days are gone now, and it’s every man for himself, and the question is often asked, “What do I read for my Word Time?”
Obviously anybody who knows anything about Spiritual Warfare knows that the Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.  And most Christians tend to just count that as the Canonized Scriptures.  And they are quite right.  But Ian Clayton has another take on this.  He points out that the Early Christians didn’t have the Bible.  They operated off of the Gifts and Prophecy (not that they didn’t have the Old Testament) and we’re basically writing the Bible that we know and use today as they went along.
Ian Clayton. . .  Now there is a guy who truly deserves the name “Son of Thunder.  When listening to him, I get challenged over and over to try out some new kind of Spirit Trip into Heaven to achieve some kind of new goal.  He’s very literal in his prophecies and revelations, and isn’t afraid to go and meet God Himself.  Why not?  And I tried, too, and did!  I am not so visual and emotional as Ian Clayton, but I have to say, I get a lot of ideas from this man and enjoy trying them out.  I’m excited that there is so much that I haven’t tried yet or experienced.
Back when the Book was being closed on MO Letters as “The Word of God” it was most Family Member’s practice to listen to very basic Christian teachings from this or that church, or stuff like “The God Journey” Podcasts.  These were uplifting in their own way, but even the God Journey now is on a sort of Sabbatical.  What is going on with the Church in 2012?  Does the Family still have a place in this overall Worldwide Bride?  Will their training for the Endtime still count if things really do go haywire at the end of this year?
I myself will have a lot of questions if nothing happens, since I am a newcomer to the Family Word and I still have a childlike faith in it all, especially since I so recently saw so much of it actually WORK.  This blog is a very feeble attempt to have something out there on the Internet of a testimony that THE NEW WEAPONS DO WORK, AND THEY ARE AVAILABLE TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO TRY THEM OUT.
The Word of God is Living and Active, and sharper than any two edged sword, dividing even the soul and the spirit, I think it says.  So does that mean you just have to keep reading the Word, and that is it?  I mean. . . the Bible?   Ian Clayton says no.  And so do I.  I believe there is much more than that, and that includes direct personal revelation of your own.  Otherwise you’re in the same scary boat with those to whom the Lord says “I never knew you.”  Regardless of whether you read the Word all day or not.  I find the exercise of Prophecy and Prayer and Loving Jesus and these all very crucial, and reading the MO Letters as well as searching out New Wine from people like Ian Clayton to be especially feeding. . .  but there is always something deeper than these practices, which are a mere scaffold around a mysterious thing called Your Walk With God.  Within this is something very personal and mysterious…..
hey sorry for the interruption, this blog post is no where near finished, but I was interrupted by a huge Enemy Attack!  So that gives me some semblance of confidence that maybe somewhere in here is something for someone that can help.   GBY.

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