Ian Clayton: Reptilians, Nephilim, Planet X, and Heaven!

I just reblogged the site where his latest podcasts may be found (subscribe with iTunes).
It appears Mr. Clayton has more awareness than previously suspected on Masonic Satanic stuff, as well as REPTILIAN SEED and even Planet X!  Where this came from I have no idea, but it begs a listen to his talks!  I wish the lady (named Michelle) would stop laughing during his talks, but oh well, it must be a pretty giddy place when Ian Clayton shows up.
For me it is a challenge to seek the Heavenly things, and to use authority in the Spirit more, as sons of God.  I am so excited to see things such as the New Doctrines I learned about in the family (and which I’ve posted on this blog ad infinitum) being confirmed by spirit-filled individuals such as Mr. Clayton.  Praise God!~

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  1. I couldn’t be able to find the podcast for
    “Ian Clayton: Reptilians, Nephilim, Planet X, and Heaven”
    Please send me the link if you have time.
    Thank you so much for putting all Ian’s stuff
    All in one Place.

    1. Hello, Abel! I would like to hear him get more into detail on this too, but all I caught was him mentioning it in a question and answer session. Ian knows a lot that he doesn’t talk about, but I’ll try and find out the specific talk where he mentioned it. It may be in one of the Courts and Governments of Heaven talks, which you can find on iTunes.

      1. Is it the one on “Courts and Gov part 6”
        On this episode he was talking about aliens, reptilians, Grays and Niphilim but I really wanted him to talk more about these subjects, because they are all important to understand the Great Deception and what the Lord Said About … In the time of Noah…Matthew 24
        But it was Q&A so he didn’t spend time explaining Things.
        I know so many Mighty People of God who walk with God In our Generation, know sooooo many things but they don’t talk About it much Because maybe The Body of Christ Is not Ready yet…..
        But for people like you and I , thank God for the Internet, we can be able to feed on some of the videos on YouTube or podcast till we enter it outselves and do what we are destined to Do.
        By the way I don’t know if you know Amazing Guy from Australia called
        Nevielle Johnson , check him out!!!
        He has 9 videos I hour each about A lot if Topic….
        You can get the podcast from
        Bushfire ministries in uk or search youtube “Nevielle Johnson 2013”
        Hope you will be blessed with It!!!

  2. Amen to that brother, I definitely totally agree. And yes, that’s the episode I heard him talk about the subject, sort of as an aside. I hope we can uncover the places where he talks more on the subject, as it’s possibly on one of his CD’s which I haven’t gotten ahold of yet.
    Looking into Nevielle Johnson right now, thanks for the tip. If you’re interested in the subject of reptilians and hearing more from a Christian’s perspective, Daniel Ott’s show “Edge AM’ has many hours of interviews with a certain Lt. Col. SC who goes into detail about those, but the stories he tells are a bit dark so I’d get tanked up on the Word and the Holy Spirit before listening to them! He is a Spirit Filled Chrisitian though, with quite a few amazing stories about having worked in underground bases. Let me know if you find any other Christians with these kinds of testimonies! Thank you Abel!! Meanwhile let us strive to enter into the Kingdom ourselves, presenting ourselves before the Lord at His Throne of Grace! Ian really challenges me and I’m so thankful for Christians like you who share with me these amazing people’s testimonies.


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