IAN CLAYTON’S Revolutionary Communion Prayer

Anyone want to pray this and take communion with me?

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Hallellujah Father, I’m going to pray and you can just agree with me in your hearts. When you own this do it yourself – use this as a spring board to engage this revelation until it becomes your own revelation.
Father I want to thank You that you gave a record of your own DNA when you overshadowed Mary. You came on the Earth in the fullness of God and you bore inside Mary’s womb the record of the testimony of the power of your DNA. Jesus I want to thank You that You were willing to carry that record—for this you endured the cross despising the shame, made an open show of Satan triumphing over him because of the record that you were able to deliver to us as your sons to be able to be seated by the presence of God and sin not. Jesus I want to thank you that you bore the pain , the sorrow of the cross, through the joy that you set your eyes upon of this day – when we would eat and drink of the testimony of the record of heaven on the face of the earth so that we would be conformed to your image and bear it on the face of this earth.
Jesus you said ‘he that eats my body and drinks my blood shall live forever. he that eats my body and drinks my blood shall not die. he that eats my body and drinks my blood has eternal life.
Jesus today I agree with the testimony of Your Word. Lord I have faith in your word. By the law of faith I receive a provision of that law today, that says this life I now live I live by faith in the son of god.
Jesus I thank you that you came to earth and released your faith and the testimony of what you carried that in my day I could come and begin to participate with that life on the face of the earth.
Jesus I thank you that your body holds the record of the testimony of transfiguration, that on the mountain your body was transfigured and bore the resemblance of the glorified white light body that we are going to come back into. Lord it says that as the beginning so shall the end be. Adam had a glorified white light body, and we are going to bear that same image because we must go back to the beginning.
Jesus I thank you that you came to earth to bear this and bear testimony in heaven of this. Father, as a group of people we come into agreement of the testimony of your word.
We take the Body (take the body) and we drink your blood (drink)
Now I want you to put your hands on your stomach.
“Father today by faith in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, today I lay hold of the record of the testimony that I now carry in my body. Father I receive into my body the record of the DNA OF God, that the record would go into the very marrow of my bones. That my bones would begin to produce the record of God’s DNA within my body. Today I engage that DNA record. I engage it! I wrap my spirit around it and I pull it into my body in the Name of Jesus! Father today I engage the record of transfiguration on the mountain, that is in the bread that I’ve eaten. Father Your Word says that if I eat your bread I will live forever. I shall not die. Father today I engage the Kingdom that is in the record You gave me of your body. Today I pull that into my body in Jesus Name. I command my body to begin to hear the voice of God speaking in light within my body, that the glory of the Lord, the voice of God speaking in me would begin to change the record of my body, that it would begin to change the reflection of the kingdom that I live in, that my body would be bought into the realm of creative light once again. Lord I engage my spirit in the testimony of what I was before I was on the Earth. I choose to allow my body to begin to remember as a spirit being who I was in Heaven before I was on the Earth. Lord into my life I LOOSE it today into my body. . . into my being Father!
Thank You Lord, it is written, when I eat your body and drink your blood I am going to live forever — I shall not die, and I will not die here on the face of the Earth, Today, in Jesus Name, Amen!

Do this minimum 3 times a day! It’s the symbol, not the thing. It’s what you do by faith that engages the kingdom realm and releases the presence of God for your life.

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    1. This is amazing. I am listening to Ian Clayton each day. I am changing and so excited that the Lord prepared me to see this light

  1. “I choose to allow my body to begin to remember as a spirit being who I was in Heaven before I was on the Earth”-Sorry but this is a doctrine of demons that has sadly been gaining momentum

    1. Colin,
      A lot (but NOT all) of the confusion in the Church is the result of “language.” If one considers the reality that we all came from the very breast (figuratively speaking) of our Creator, then at the very least our nature was a part of His eternal nature.
      Reincarnation is demonic as it directly violates the WORD and the message of eternal judgment and the entire purpose of the redemption of the Cross and the Blood atonement, but the idea that our spirit-man could pre-exist before we were formed with soul and body is not outlined one way or another in scripture without us taking verses to mean more than the immediate context is meant to express.
      I can not see where it is demonic unless it violates scripture directly. I do not see that in this idea.. and do not see the danger in embracing the possibility.
      re-incarnation violates the message of salvation; incarnation does not, unless there is something I am missing.
      David Murry NY

      1. speaking of language… let ME clarify: “incarnation” meaning pre-CAR nation.. meaning to exist before… NOT to have been a diety and certainly not RE- IN- carnation.

  2. 3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. 4For He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless in His presence. In love 5He predestined us for adoption as His sons through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will,… EPHESIANS 1:3-4 YES we were there with Him as He created the earth and YES He knew us BEFORE the earth was created…. May the Lord grant you the spirit of wisdom and revelation… Ephesians 1:17-18 Shalom!!

  3. Thank you so much for transcribing this powerful prayer. We are busy reading Ian Clayton’s books on Realms of the Kingdom and learning so much, including how important communion is and how it is not just a meaningless ritual but a lifegiving act. Loving your blog and will follow with interest and appreciation.


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