Ian McCormack; one of the most powerful testimonies about Jesus Christ in the last century

Ian McCormack
Ian McCormack

Some years ago a friend of mine shared the good news of Jesus Christ with me, and I sincerely prayed about what he said to me. At the time, it just so happened that a neighbor of mine went to a conference and heard a man speak by the name of, Ian McCormack. Ian McCormack talked on life after death at the conference, and had a very powerful story to tell, about how he died and was pronounced clinically dead at a hospital. However fifteen minutes later, he miraculously came back to life and had an amazing story to tell about life after death. After my neighbor came back from the conference, he gave me a copy of Ian McCormack’s testimony on DVD. After watching the DVD, I was reduced to tears, and was convinced Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead on the third day. After seeing this DVD, it confirmed my friends assertion that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and He was the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Box jellyfish
Box jellyfish

Ian McCormack is originally from New Zealand and was traveling the world as a young adult. During his holiday journey, Ian visited the Island of Mauritius and went deep sea diving with a group of locals. When deep sea diving, Ian was stung multiple times by a number of box jellyfish. Box jellyfish are the second most poisonous creatures on earth and regularly kill a number of people. After being rushed to the hospital and being treated by medical staff, Ian was pronounced dead after the doctors failed to keep him alive. Ian was even transported to the morgue, where he was laid down under a sheet, after being pronounced dead.

Fifteen minutes after being pronounced dead, Ian McCormack miraculously came back to life, and literally shocked the staff at the morgue when he woke up. He walked out of that hospital alive after being pronounced dead, and the staff at the hospital were left in both shock and in awe.

However Ian McCormacks journey between life and death had not ended, he began traveling the world and telling people his miraculous story. He stated that after he died, that he had gone to hell where it was complete darkness, however because he had prayed a certain prayer before he died, Jesus Christ rescued him from hell and took him to Heaven. Ian visited both Heaven and Hell and had an amazing story to tell, about how he met Jesus Christ at the entrance to Heaven after being rescued from Hell. Jesus Christ told him that the only way to Heaven was through Him (“For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but would have eternal life.” John 3:16) Ian also had an opportunity to see Heaven and described all it’s beauty and wonder during his speaking engagement, where he talked to a multitude of people about his life after death experience.

I personally watched a DVD which is a dramatization of Ian’s experience, and where Ian also shares his personal testimony about life after death. It is an amazing DVD and testimony to watch and if you have not seen it, I highly recommend you watch it. Life is short folks, and remember to make sure that you investigate and research the truth about life after death. Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Do you know the truth about life after death? Maybe you were brought up in a certain religion or your an atheist? But do you really know the truth and do you have it all right? Make up your own mind and research the truth. I encourage you to watch the Ian McCormack testimony below, and make up your own mind. God bless you.

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