IDF General Virov: ‘Only a Matter of Time Before Israel Military Confrontation with Gaza’

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  1. Yes it’s likely to happen this year, but more pressing is the hostilities being dumped at Russia, How the UK with no smoking gun, no proof offered, allowing no independent investigation by the international bodies responsible for oversight and investigation of all alleged chemical/ / gas attacks, but just expecting all to “take their word for it”, has now been used to orchestrate an array of nations, including the US, into actions that could set off WW3. I now check Steve Quayle’s site daily, along with to keep informed of latest developments. UK now threatens to confiscate Russian assets , THAT’LL GO OVER REAL WELL EH? Putin is now considering his response to all this foolishness and now China has amassed quite a large navy flotilla / armada which it has mobilised preparing for war. I shake my head in amazement at the stupidity of not only the US but all the leaders who blindly followed UK in provoking the BEAR. That’s why I liked Kara’s new news blog wherein yesterday she had a picture of an angry bear at the foot of a tree, in which someone was cowering hoping to remain safe.


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