Illuminati Olympics, Batman Super Soldiers, And Let the Spiritual Games Begin!

Lot’ s is going on, folks!  The Illuminati is coming out of the closet!  They almost couldn’t be any more obvious!  With the recent Batman movie shooting, and a quick overview of the previous Batmen movies, it’s obvious that a lot of planning went into all of this public hooplah we’re seeing strewn over every movie screen, newspaper, and sports section.  It’s the big Ceremony 2012, sacrifices and all!

One interesting thing with the whole Batman Shooting was the timing of the LAST batman death – – –  Keith Ledger dying right after being the Joker.  The Joker has all the best lines in that movie, about all hell being let loose and pandemonium becoming the law of the streets.

He is the Illuminati’s preacher/prophet in that film.  The first Dark Knight Batman movie also is completely laden with “League of Shadows” business about secret societies that control the world.  They are almost laughingly obvious, you can’t even hardly think about anything else when you see these films.
Now we are hearing about the massacre in the US also being carried out by a guy who had connections to the Super Soldier Program, and the Navy.  Not to mention its proximity to Columbine!  There are many similarities between this guy and other assassins, just check the list brought forth by Alex Jones.

Reality and Fiction are blending, with the Illuminati in the middle.  Stadiums with all-seeing eyes, and even their weird little mascot being a blend of a security camera and a cyclops/allseeing eye creature.

Duh, didnt take long to figure that one out!

And then there’s this thing.  Is he the puppet master Devil ruling the Earth?  You know the Devil’s time frame for ruling the world is apparently going to run out at the end of this year, according to Alexander Beckman.  Then. . .  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

This is really an olympic game kicker offer if i ever saw one!  The devil conducter ruling the world with his baton!

Here’s  the message given to everyone.  NO ESCAPE…

A shot out of the older Batman. .  .

So what is the answer? I believe the Endtime will catapult many people to slow down their meaningless lives and begin to seek the Lord again.  He is going to do His own miracles to counteract the Enemy’s.  The SuperSoldiers like Batman (as well as the real ones), who use torture and dark methods are nothing but a shoddy botched job to try and counterbalance the Lord’s chosen Light Warriors who hold the Word of God in their hands to cast down every foe!

The Keys. . .

Learn about the New Weapons, giving your all to the Lord and letting Him use you, and see what to do when all Hell breaks out!   When the Devil is giving us his worst, we will be getting the Lord’s Best!

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