I'm very happy with the time that we spend together –Jesus

You’re the man, and for you I have a plan. I love you, wonderful, precious young man whom I am forming and molding into My man of the future. Despise not the day of small things and of your youth. It takes time to become a great man of God. All of My great men were once little people. So despise not being a young man and having to learn and grow. One day you will be the man that I want you to be and fulfill the role that I want you to play, which is a very needed part in My Family.
I am even now teaching and training you to be what I want you to be. But it takes time and it takes dedication and perseverance. It takes staying close to Me. The closer you are to Me, the more I can use you; and the more that you please Me, the more I will please you. Learning to love Me and others is the most important groundwork for your future.
You are a wonderful young man and I’m very proud of you! I’m very happy with your yieldedness and the love that you have for Me. Thank you for being sweet and humble. Thank you for being willing to do what I ask you, and what others ask you. I’m very happy with the time that we spend together, and I love the way you call out to Me and ask Me for the answers. Others respect this in you also.
(From Jesus with Love 1)

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