Interview with L Sheldon Oldford Author of Let Us Descend: The Biblical First Contact

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Author of Let Us Descend: The Biblical First Contact!

L. Sheldon Oldford was born and raised in the Pentecostal faith with twenty-one years in Christian ministry and is a former Evangelical preacher who became an ancient alien theorist. He has preached on street corners, in prisons, at youth events and to crowds in excess of three thousand five hundred. He is now a Police Officer with over eighteen years in Law enforcement and has been assigned to both the domestic violence and narcotics units. He is currently an Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training certified general course instructor. He has testified in numerous criminal trials including testimonials as an expert witness. Mr. Oldford changed his beliefs after having studied the Bible many times during his career he became an ancient alien theorist after dissecting areas of the Bible and now suggests that there is enough evidence through the wording of the Bible describing God as an Extraterrestrial. It was his career in law enforcement that changed his views on God and religion to the point of presenting his own interpretation of the events that occurred in Biblical times. He uses his investigative experience as a detective in writing his first very controversial and contemplative book called Let Us Descend: The Biblical First Contact.
Let Us Descend: The Biblical First Contact Paperback – July 15, 2016 – by L Sheldon Oldford (Author)
Advanced beings from somewhere in our galaxy descending on mountaintops, appeared to men in burning bushes. Angels, known as cherubim with four wings and wheels, flew with the sound of thunder. Beings, who ate, drank, and communicated with ancient biblical people, were Earth’s first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. We, the humans of today, refer to these beings as the God of the Bible. In this book, L. Sheldon Oldford compares the knowledge we have of science and technology to the characteristics of the biblical God as the unseen, ever-present, and all-knowing deity only to find that this being is more like a flesh-and-blood ancient astronaut.

This astronaut arrived on Earth thousands of years ago and made contact with biblical figures, such as Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Ezekiel, Elijah, and Elisha, which brought about the establishment of moral and religious laws that set humanity on a course of needing a savior. Could it be that Jesus Christ was an actual descendant of a flesh-and-blood father named Yahweh, a real-life ancient astronaut? Can a Christian believe in evolution and still be a Christian? Could it be that the ancient alien theory is closer to the truth than any of Earth’s religions? Are we truly the product of an extraterrestrial race of giants, created in the image and likeness of them?

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