Interview with Rachel Stephens! (in 2 parts)

We were blessed to have Rachel Stephens of Crack Your Bible on the show!

Part 2:

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We discuss:

  • The journey of learning the Bible.
  • From Neo-Conservative Zionist to Fringe Christian/Libertarian.
  • Churchianity, getting kicked out of church for Halloween.
  • Staring a Youtube Channel, and how to do it!
  • Offending people who protected the status quo.
  • A Pele goddess battle with Hawaiian pastors.
  • Standing up for your faith.
  • Poltergest trying to manifest over Rachel during her childhood.
  • Astral projection, witches in blood work lab, touching machine that protects blood from coagulation.
  • generational curses.
  • The Holy Spirit, Spiritual warfare doctrines.
  • Flat Earth, Trinity, K.J.V.
  • Being married to an unbeliever.
  • Not celebrating holidays because of pagan roots.
  • Why talk sex?
  • Why you will take the Mark.
  • Coming persecution to the church.

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