Intimate Words from the Lord

(Jesus speaking:) My Love Letters to you are marvelous things, aren’t they? Don’t they touch your heart and speak to you as nothing else and no other can? Can’t you see the hearts, the beautiful heart-shaped Letters, floating down from Me into your hands? Just as when Tommy scattered My Words out of his window and watched as different ones picked them up and read them and were touched and moved and changed and brought to Me, so am I, as I shower My love and My Words and My lovemaking upon each of you, My brides.
I give to each of you that which you need at the time, for I see your hearts and I know your needs and desires. That which even you don’t fully understand is known to Me. And at that moment when you call and ask, and when I come to you to fill that need, it is Me loving you. It is Me speaking to you and giving you exactly what I know will fill the void of your heart.
I whisper in your ear. I love and caress you and fill you. I give each of you the seeds which you need personally. Do you hear My love Words to you? Do you feel My loving touch, My caresses? Do you feel healed and renewed? Do you feel new life coming back to you as we lie together in My bed of love? This is My personal touch on your life.
I wish to confirm these feelings, this touch which each of you feel personally through the Words which My prophetess has tasted and has delighted in. For I know that you trust her and that you believe that what she has bottled and put the stamp of her vineyards upon is truly My vintage. So as your needs are brought before her, as she feels for your heart and your longings and your needs and brings them before Me, I answer her prayers and her cries for you, and I come to you with Words of comfort. I pour out to you in answer to her love for you and her desire to see you rest more fully and completely in My arms.
Thank you for coming to Me. For those of you whose requests have come before My queen have represented many others. You have knelt before Me as each of My children do in their hearts, and as I pour out to one, I pour out to many. But you are not many–you are you, My special delight! The Words which I have given for you, My one, are for you. Yet they express the feelings in My heart, the deep longing and desire and answers that are for each of My brides, each of My children, each of My lovers.
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Herein comes into play the mystery of My bride being one and My bride being many. I speak to all, to My bride, to My called-out ones, and I speak to you, to your heart. Is this not what you experience and feel as you read My original Word, the Words that I spoke through My Own mouth as I lived and walked amongst you? Were these not Words spoken to those with whom I was face to face, those who walked with Me, those who gathered around Me? And yet when you read them, is it not Me speaking directly to you–to your heart and to your needs?
So it is with My Words of today. When I speak to one, I do speak to all; yet I still speak to you and to your heart. There are details and specifics which may be for only one, for I am a personal God; yet I know the hearts of My children everywhere, and even these can be applied in some way to hearts which are similar.
So My bride, My dear one, do not worry that in sharing the Words which I have spoken into your ear, they will become less personal or less meaningful, or that sharing them will lessen the special bond which they have brought between My heart and yours. But rather expand this closer communion we share so that others may be brought in, too, that others may be brought into this link between us which My Words of love have wrought. Draw a circle that will bring others in.
Here is another of My lessons of love–I wish that you, My bride, would truly rejoice with your fellow bride that rejoices. I wish that as you receive something from your Husband–a gift, a love letter, a poem, a touch of love–you would eagerly share it with the other. Do not hold it to your breast or guard it, but open it, gladly and freely, and share it in love with your fellow brides round about you.
Say to one another, “Look what the Lord has said to me! Look at this token of our Husband’s love! Look what His seeds have conceived in me as I loved Him and came before Him and requested His filling. Won’t you share this with me and partake of my joy? For this can be our love and our rejoicing together.” In this will My bride truly be made one, as you come to understand more clearly the mystery of each being one in the bed of love with Me, yet all partaking and each receiving in their own bodies the fruits that I give to them personally, in particular; each rejoicing together in the love and growth that they experience! (End of message from Jesus.)
(From Jesus with Love 1)

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  1. This is so beautiful!
    I can totally relate to this message!
    One of the most beautiful love letters from Jesus that I have ever read!
    This is something that you have to accept in your spirit,not your mind!
    I praise You Lord for taking time to teach us about Your amazing love for each one of us individually and as one!
    There is no love that can satisfy like Yours, Precious Jesus!
    I love You so much!


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