Intriguing Japanese Spy Info from WW2

Here is the message I recieved from the creator of this channel:
Do you know Agnes Smedley ? She was so close to Ozaki and Sorge. Ozaki was with Prime minister Konoe before Tojo. Their thoughts were world peace, human love; (with Communists and Spies). Morihiro Hosokawa is Konoe’s grandson in left wing. 79th(1993ー94) prime minister. Hosokawa’s brother is now Japanese Red-Cross CEO. Konoe (Hosokawa) Family is so close 93th prime minister Hatoyama (Yukio) in left. His father, ichiro Hatoyama was also prime minister (1954-56) who signed Japan‐Soviet Joint Declaration. Ozaki’s-daughter’s Husband is a famous Historian in left side supported by winners in ww2. GHQ after ww2 controlled Japan more than 6 years. GHQ had so many Communists. First plan by GHQ was to make Japan weaken. After Korean war happened and US recognized that RED was inside of US, then Plan was changed to make Japan strengthen and did “Red page”. Japanese education system was is done by Communist (or peace activists). Japanese constitution was also in same way, which is similar to the Weimar constitution. Generally, Japanese conservatives or right support Taiwan, who believe Japanese past in Japan, then emphasize recent alliance with US. liberal or left (Globalist) love China and north, south Korea. who emphasize east Asia (only China and Korea) Consortium, and strongly denied Japanese past. Moreover, after cold war finished, the situation and balance have changed. Even Japanese, their views depend on their position, and different. Its structure looks like “contradiction” from the others and outsiders. Then, Western or FDR power support historical recognition of Left wing and Liberal. mylist【Recent Social Phenomenon in Japan 1/2 : Racism to Japan】 In addition, If conservatives and right support the alliance with US, it means that Japan has to follow more global economic zone with US initiative. so it is irony. Harry white made Bretton woods (IMF). Henry Stimson was a member of Skull and Bones. Marshall made Mao-China. Japan is still defeated nation, so it is complex and difficult. I have less power. あなたは日本と東アジアの背景(background)を理解していると思います。それを理解していない外国人に説明しても、むずかしいです。わんわん。Even in my unpopular lists, I was insulted many time. It is ok…

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