Is the Shepherding Movement (or something like it) Going to Start Again?


Recently I had a chance to talk to people from the Fringianity Fellowship (a new podcast) regarding the uprising of many outspoken Christians who are outside the box of any known Christian denomination. Michael Heiser talks of these types of Christians belonging to a sort of Middle Earth, who have forsaken the main stream to pursue God and find content out in the wild lands of the Internet. What the gentleman who had banded together on this Fringe of a Fellowship of the Word told me was something that has stuck with me this past several months and is resonating even louder as I listen to an old Ern Baxter recording. This will become the new church. The old church will fall away and follow the world, and there will be a bunch of Christians who are ready for whatever God is going to do now that will basically form the End Time Church as the World Government falls into place. This End Time Church will gain incredible popularity before going under ground as it is persecuted by the Old Church. Then will the End come, as Jesus predicted.   IF they get their act together.

That’s a big IF because after talking with several fringe radio Christian talk show hosts, I have seen that there is already major divisions among Christians in these circles. Pray and seek the Lord!   Love and promote your other brethren and do the work of an Evangelist!   The End of the World came and went again (Valentines day 2016) according to Ghost Busters, and alas I see some big things taking place all across the board. I come from an old banding together of Christians in the olden times of yore, before the Internet and before this present Middle Earth situation. I myself dropped out of school and joined the controversial group “The Family International” before their organizational demise in late 2010, and have since been working with the remainders of that movement in various mission projects while also pursuing new horizons and frontiers of faith and Spirit. There is so much wisdom to be gained from the old tried and proven Bible teachers and also missionaries with boots-on-the-ground experience that I can’t hardly believe we’re blindly wandering around looking for “content” without going back to our roots. Steve Quayle himself came from the Shepherding movement, and has inspired countless people to follow God in these last days of the last days. I talked with another brother just one day ago as well regarding the fruit of this movement which although short lived is seen as a spiritual shock wave across the Church History spectrum of this past century.

In the interest of building bonds of unity with brethren of “Middle Earth” I am sending out a call. Let’s get into fellowship again. Who is out there that is interested in blazing ahead by faith? I’m willing to bet that the future church will be a blend of the elements of the Shepherding Movement and the Family International.   There will be character development and supernatural living by faith. Will it be perfect? No. Will people probably end up dying physically/spiritually? Probably yeah.   Will it be worth it compared to sitting on your butt and doing the same thing we’ve been doing till now? Absolutely!

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