It is your duty as a king to come and search out my secrets!

​from 2011, a conversation with Jesus:

<Jesus>  Good morning!  Another beautiful bright and cheerful day, for WAR!  I am with you today, and every day, but if you tap into My Spirit, I will do things for you that will make you see Me in your life.  Continually be on the lookout for My little miracles.   

Endure hardness as a good soldier, but don’t lose the vision.  You have done well in that you have seen My Word the most important thing.  It is the weapon that will defeat the Enemy in these last days. Indeed you are in the last days!

Do not fear about money or finances, but do your best out there.  It’s not forever.  Indeed I am about to stir up the pot again, and the ways you will support yourselves will change again.  I have a lot of aces up My sleeve, and a lot of new ‘tricks’ but these are humble in the beginning, so stay in tune with Me to see the full outcome, and watch when I pull out these tricks and secrets.  It is your duty as a king to come and search out my secrets!  This is your glory!  

Go slow, and enjoy your way, and do not look to the right or the left, but focus on My Word alone.


As Amy Carmichael said,

We shall have all eternity to celebrate the victories, but we have only the few hours before sunset in which to win them.

It’s not something you have to organize. . . just come into My Realm and become refreshed, refilled, refueled, and re equipped for the battle!  Otherwise what will you do in the flesh to save yourself?  Many things. . .  but these will all come to naught.   It is My Spirit that quickeneth, your flesh profiteth nothing.   So fight the battle in the Spirit!

And do not neglect your brethrens, or the people i Have put in your life, just pray for them when I am calling you to My House, and do not let anyone take your eyes off me.  You have a psychic and spiritual connection which is very real, which I have blessed with them, and you don’t have to work anything up in the flesh.  the browny points are in spirit!

<me>  Lord I sort of take things lightly in a way, I guess it’s my way of dealing with things that are so big and so earth-shaking. . . literally, like the earthquake in Japan…

And Eleneth/Elenin. . .   And lots of strange things that I feel I brush up against in the world, that are doomsday related, just in my little spiritual world. . .   

<Jesus>  It’s not little!  It’s just that I, God, work through little things!  I like to become little!  But I’m still God, and I still Rule.
<me> I know, I know, that’s true. . .   And you are Truly Humble . . .    I just sometimes forget.

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  1. An excellent post to bear in mind as the new (Roman, pagan) calendar year approaches shortly. I was just checking out Dr. Bill Schnoebelen’s post re Yule (Yule Be Sorry) about the pagan / occult significance of this time of year. Bill being of the life history that he is, knows whereof he speaks and he’s a mighty warrior in the kingdom of YHWH.


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