It was worth it to give My Son just for you! –God

Imagine that there is a scale before you. It is a balance, and I took My Own Son, the One Who is dearest to Me, My one and only Son, and I laid Him on one side of the scale. It tipped so far to that side! Then I took you, with all your weaknesses and your shortcomings and your NWOs and your idiosyncrasies, and all the things about yourself that bother you so much and that you think make you of so little value and that make you so hard to love and not worthy of My love, and I put you–just you–on the other side of the scale. And the scale was perfectly balanced!
I saw that it was a good trade, to put My Son on one side, and you–just you–on the other side. I saw that it was worth it to trade the life of My Son for you, that I might have you forever! It was worth it to give My Son just for you! This is how great My love is for you! (ML #2985).
(From Jesus with Love 1)

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