(Jesus speaking:) I do not leave My children unprotected or unguarded at any moment. I have shown you the deep things of the spirit. I have revealed to you powerful and angry ones‚ vile, treacherous, ruthless enemies of My truth. I have revealed to you the identities of evil ones who are out to hinder‚ to slow down, and to stop you altogether, to stop the establishment of My Kingdom on Earth. I have shown these things to My prophets of the End, as I have promised that I will do nothing unless I reveal it to you (Amos 3:7).
20. Now I show you this powerful craft. This is part of the provision I make for your protection and safekeeping. What you have seen is a heavenly key craft. This is one of many. The key craft are at the disposal of those who hold the keys and who follow, who obey Me and use key power in their lives, those who endeavor to the best of their ability to live in My Word, to read, absorb and apply My Words.
21. The craft goes before you, manned with spirit helpers and spirit beings that are on call to assist you in any way you need, particularly whenever danger is near. The chimes signal you to walk in vigilance and prayer. At the same time they give you peace, knowing that the keys are with you and are at your command.
22. As I revealed to My prophets of old some of My heavenly spaceships, I now reveal to you this key craft transporter,one of the most remarkable and amazing heavenly transporters in existence. You’re not dreaming. This is real—it is in existence now. I pull back the veil and open your eyes and ears. As I revealed many far-out things to the prophets that have gone before‚ so I reveal these things to the children of David, so you can be encouraged and know just how near the world of the spirit is; so you can be comforted, knowing of the tremendous protection I provide for you.
23. As I revealed to your Father David the incredible space vehicle that transports the Heavenly City; as I showed Ezekiel many powerful heavenly wheels, and showed him pictures of My heavenly transporters and the throne of God; as I called John away to a remote isle so that I could paint for him the picture of the future and of the heavenly realm—so do I part the veil now and reveal to you this absolutely invincible vehicle!—The key craft‚ energy station of My key power. (Note: For further study, see Ezekiel 1:4-28, Revelation 4, and “Spaceship,” ML #624:1-53, Vol.5.)
24. I prefer to call it the key craft‚ for this craft transports the might and power and energy of the keys. It is spiritual, yet more real than life itself. Instruments of man cannot detect it, yet it is real, it is in existence. It is powerful‚ and it is to assist you in these Last Days.
25. The outer edge, the corridor you see, transports spirit helpers of all kinds‚ spirit beings and helpers sent from Me who are on call to help you. There is not one of Satan’s evil followers that is a match for these helpers who are possessed of Me.
26. The dome of the saucer is comprised of energy rays of key power magnified beyond count that man is able to comprehend. The dome pulsates with the energy of the keys‚ as the keys dangle from the edge to the tune of My power. The keys harmonize and sing you a new song—a song of power and strength, a song of fortitude and courage, a song of solace and faith, a song of victory of the Last Days. The keys go before you.
27. If you will listen, if you will tune in, if you will acknowledge the keys in all your ways, they will lead you. They will chime in your ear, warning you of danger spots, signaling you which direction to take, giving you checks of My Spirit. These chimes will serve as both a warning—signaling you, revealing to you the Enemy’s schemes and evil devices so that you can avoid his traps and pitfalls—and at the same time they will soothe you and give you comfort. They will uphold you as you stand in faith, knowing as you put your trust fully in Me, as you use the power I put in your hands, as you call on the keys and exert their power, you have nothing to fear—for no harm can befall the users of the keys. When you hear the key chimes, you will know you are not alone, and this will infuse you with peace as well as strength to carry out your mission.
28. I show you a demonstration of this key craft’s power. When you call on the keys, you rev up its engines, setting it spinning, releasing in great force its energy to destroy all evil and all who oppose My Words of truth. At your call, the craft reacts. At your call, the key power ignites and spins into action quicker than the speed of thought.
29. Believe these words, for those who believe will hear the chimes clearly in their spirits, in their hearts, in their thoughts; even audibly you will hear, when the time warrants. Believe and listen and follow the signal of the keys. I will hold back nothing from those who call on the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and tune in to their chimes. Let them be your protection. Let them guide you. Let them comfort you. Hear the chimes and be strong, knowing you are never alone.

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