Jesus on the Marriage Supper and Intimacy and. . . Sex!

<Jesus> One thing people do not realize about the Marriage Supper is that I do not just marry all the brides at once, but I have individual marriage ceremonies with each one individually, at the time that they are ready to become married to Me in full.  The consummation of marriage will be sex with Me, so it is necessary for them to be female, first of all, and then willing and yielded to do this with Me.  Maybe not all Christians will be at this point after the Rapture, so after the initial big party I will have private marriages with each of my more intimate brides.  There are much fewer intimate brides now on the Earth than you know.  Would you like to become that intimate with Me now?  Or will you hold back?  It is up to you.  I never force Myself on anyone, and I desire compliance from your own free will.  If you wish, we can share this intimate relationship as Husband and Wife, and you will help Me to rule the Universe and the Heavens of Heavens in the future and starting today.  It is according to your faith.

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