Jesus on Tongues

Praise in tongues, and ask My Spirit to speak through you. Think about what you’re thankful for, and then let it well up in your heart and come out in the language of the spirit as you praise in tongues. Or sing in tongues‚ to a tune you know, or one that comes to you right then.

I would that My brides be willing to praise Me in a language of the spirit even if they don’t consider it a gift of tongues. Sometimes the gift of tongues is simply the gift of humility, to open your mouth and praise Me in what sounds to you like babble from a baby. Even if My brides don’t know if they have the gift of tongues, it’s a tremendous benefit to their spirit to humble themselves and start praising Me in another language—whether they feel they know the language or not—and then My Spirit falls and they truly do begin to speak with a heavenly tongue.

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