Jesus to New Church: "Remove Your Bra! I only want you naked. . ."

Remove the gaudy ornament in your hair and let your hair blow wild in the wind! Remove these silky gowns, which only hide the warmth of your body from My skin. Strip off the bra, which keeps your breasts from showing to those around as you run. Take from you also these panties, which form a barrier between your wet pussy and My hard penis. Strip yourself as you run to Me. Strip off all that would come between us so that only our naked flesh might come together. Let nothing come between us, not even these things that are a semblance of beauty. I want none of them. I only want you, naked, warm‚ and soft.
25. My beloved‚ come find Me in our garden. Keep calling and listening for My voice‚ so that we may find one another. Keep running toward Me as you strip away these things that stand between us. Oh, tear away those things, so that only you may remain. For it is not the clothes that I love. It is not the beautiful jewelry that adorns your hair that enhances My desire for you. It is you alone‚ standing before Me naked and bare, that will heighten My love for you.
26. If you want Me in full, then you must strip away all that comes between us. I wish to fuck you so fully with My penis that your body is enraptured by the strength of My body, the touches of My lips‚ the caresses of My hands. I wish, nay‚ I long for your naked body more than words can tell. I am as a lover ravenous with love for the object of his desire. I am as a madman! I would gladly run through the streets naked in search of My love so that I might not be encumbered with anything that could cause delay when I find you.
27. I wish only to touch you and feel all of you. I do not wish to be delayed by the stripping off of clothes. I have no patience; I want you so badly. Who cares if the world sees Me naked? Who cares if they mock and scoff at Me for My love for you? I do not care; I wish only to find you and to fuck you, even in plain view of all who would criticize Me for My wild love for you.
28. Come to Me now, My bride, for My thoughts are only filled with love for you. I am crazy‚ wild, and mad with love! I am drunk with the sound of your voice. I am obsessed with the remembrance of the scent of your body. I am crazed with the memories of our love for each other in the-early days of our passion.

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