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I am a regular visitor to Michael Basham’s youtube channel. The reason I visit Michael’s channel is because it’s a personal experience with a down to earth Christian who is sincere, and he has a lot of spiritual truth to share. I recently read some comments made by Karen Lane on Michael’s youtube channel, and I really felt the Lord had led me to read them. I had recently written an article about a new type of church and Karen’s comments seemed to be in sync with the article I had written on the, Warriors Without Borders blog. Karen Lane is a contributor to the Warriors Without Borders blog, and I thought her youtube comments were worthy of being republished as an article on this blog.

Please consider the words of Karen Lane below.

“We were invited to a church the other day, which we again rejected like we always do. We just didn’t find Jesus there, there was no spiritual connection, in fact, it was desolate of life and I found myself desperate to get out. Many people just don’t understand what spiritual death is; it’s like trying to go without oxygen, except that it’s our spiritual oxygen and without it we just suffocate and die. We have to make that spiritual connection with the One True God (Jesus Himself), the source of all life, or we will wither and die spiritually. Jesus said “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” You have to make the spiritual connection or no matter who you are with, even if it is people that profess to be Christians, if you don’t make that spiritual connection, it will be flat, dead, empty and void of life. It may feed your head but it will never feed your hungry soul and never satisfy. I have never found Jesus in the churches, they have a form of godliness but are denying the power thereof so the only Jesus they know is the Jesus of their own imagination. Jesus is there to be found for those that are truly hungry for the truth though and I found Him, not the Jesus of my own imagination or the churches imagination but the Real True living God and spiritual life though Him. I found Him through the letters of DB (David Brandt Berg) and his followers, God’s True Church and I still make the spiritual connection with Jesus through those letters, this is how I know that it’s real as Jesus Himself speaks through them and I find spiritual life through them.  The problem that we have is that the children of this world are in their generation, wiser than the children of light though. The thing that we did find with these churches, was that they were communicative with all the other churches in the area. The problem I find with the children of light these days, is that they are not very communicative, the very opposite in fact, and there is little if any unity amongst them. The word “Family” has become null and void. Don’t a family love one another, look out for one another and communicate with one another? Sadly, that’s what has gone wrong and I think that people have become pretty cold and distant. You end up asking yourself – where is the love anymore? If none go with me, still I will follow though, group or no group and rather than look at the circumstances, let’s just keep looking to Jesus.” (Karen Lane, 19/6/15)

Thanks for your words of wisdom Karen and for sharing your personal testimony on these important topics. Those wishing to read the article I wrote about my experiences in the church can read the recent article I wrote on this topic.


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  1. Gee, thanks for considering my humble opinion worthy of reposting. I’m not sure about words of wisdom though ha! Thank you also for sharing your own experiences – very inspiring reading! You have put yourself out there and got involved in people’s lives in a positive way and I’d agree that there really is a joy from helping others. I was particularly inspired by the street outreach that you were involved with; some of these ex offenders can make some of the most dedicated and sincere Christians there are. They have the ability to relate to the youth of today in a down-to-earth and non judgemental way and this is what Real Christianity is about to me, to actually listen to people, understand them by taking a genuine interest in them, no matter who that person or persons are or what walk of life they have come from. I’ve had a lot of dealings with drug addicts, youth offenders and young people in general and one thing that they cannot stand, is the stereotypical, worn out churchy phrases and the last thing that they want is to have a ton of scriptures fired at them, they have had enough of that already. No, thy want to see real love in action, feel real love and that someone really loves and cares about them and accepts them for who they are. The only Jesus that they will ever receive is the Jesus that they see in us, the genuine Love of God manifested through His Holy Spirit – if it’s not the real deal though – those kids will see through it and reject it, which is sadly what’s happened to the churches!

    1. Thanks for your comments Karen I really appreciate it, and it’s great having you on the website. I also enjoyed the article you wrote which Michael Basham published for you. I’m guessing your a TFI/COG member like my friend Michael? It seems you TFI/COG members have a lot of experience in reaching out to the lost and evangelizing, I think you folks did a lot of great work over the years in reaching the unsaved and troubled youth. Glad to have you on this website Karen and looking forward to reading more of your articles and comments. God bless you!


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