Keys for the Coming Shepherding Crisis

As you call on the keys, coupled with My Word and love, the time you invest, the counsel you give, and the work you do will be enhanced and bear fruit much more quickly.
Claim the power of the keys of wisdom, love, and anointing, and I will give you the words to help heal the hearts of the discouraged, troubled, or buffeted.
All the understanding and insight of the keys is yours at the moment you ask for it.
The keys will give you supernatural love, insight, and guidance, that will make your shepherding easier.
Claim the power of the keys when hearing from Me about the needs of your flock, and I will give you My pure and complete messages.
As you take hold of My power through the keys and link with My mind, you will become capable of meeting the great need that lies before you.
Through My keys and heavenly thought power, I will give you insight that will help you to feed and guide those in your care through even the most complex situations.
There is power in the keys to love, help, care, strengthen‚ discern, and take action.
Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, discernment, and sound counsel will be given to those who depend on the keys.
Call on the keys and everything you need to shepherd those in your care will be given to you.
Call on the keys of shepherding and you will have My mind and thoughts in full power.
Claim the power of the keys for your shepherding and the power of the Chief Shepherd will take action.
The power of the keys will give you conviction and the proper balance in your leadership responsibilities.
Claim the keys for the insight you need into the hearts of those you care for.
The keys bring receptivity and chase away fears, concerns‚ or worries that would disrupt your communications with those you shepherd.
Avail yourself of the keys of anointing so that any task or responsibility of leadership will be blessed with greater understanding, discernment, and insight.
The keys will anoint you with love and compassion, make your heart My heart, and cause you to be like Me.
Through the power of the keys, whatever you lack in the way of love, patience, faith and understanding will be given to you so you can be My vessel to do anything and talk to anyone.
If you need understanding, wisdom, and conviction, claim the power of the keys, and you will receive fresh anointing each step of the way.

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