Keys of the Kingdom Promises and Mountains and Authorities of the Saints – Mike Parker Notes

The 10 Canopies of angels are over us when we are on our thrones.

We can engage with any of the different canopies of angels and dispatch them. …that’s all possible from those Mountain Thrones.

We can also use the Keys of the Kingdom to bind and to loose things.   Jesus authorized the use of the KOTK. When we use those things we are binding things to the purpose of God and to the will of God and the Kingdom. So we’re getting things back into alignment to what God says. We can loose things to that which is obstructing or binding. . .   we can destroy the enemy’s works to what is hindering what God wants to be done.

We need to direct the specific keys of the kingdom to the specific things.   This can be to people or situations. It must be acc. To God’s will, not our own. We can’t bind someone to what we want them to do, because that would be control and manipulation, but we can guide them to God’s destiny for them. We can speak into situations and people to bring change and transformation.  

One of the other things we can do from that mtn. throne is to do prophetic acts. There may be things God calls us to do with weapons that have an effect in that realm. We can deal with spiritual entities that are trying to obstruct. Usually to get on your mountain throne you have to deal with dragons or giants, particularly with the seven thrones.

You can engage with the angel which is there maintaining your throne for you waiting for you to get to a place of maturity where you can engage it. That angel is there to help you in the protocol of the Kingdom so if you need to know what to do then ask the angel which is associated with your throne. This is your angel which is in Heaven–one of the belohim angels– that angel will be able to help you.

It’s good to find out what the name of your angel is in relation to your throne and then engage in relationship with the angel there, because that angel can give you wisdom.

Also the 7 spirits of God are there to tutor us and train us in our position within that throne, so it’s our position of authority – and they have a particular role in equipping us in how to function on that throne effectively and with power, and authority there. It’s a process.

When we first get on that mountain, some people ask “what am I supposed to do?” It’s the whole process of knowing what your job is in the kingdom, and sonship. It’s to rule, and to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. So we learn how to engage the different courts. Every Kingdom has a way of operating.   God’s Kingdom is no different – there are protocols and procedures of the Kingdom that we need to learn how to operate in, and we learn that by going to the different courts and finding out what it is and how we operate there.



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