Keys Promises!

mysterious keys
The keys will light our way! Every trap and pitfall is revealed and will be destroyed through their power.
1. The keys of faith will fill you with a fire that cannot be put out by pride or fear.
2. The gift of greater faith is yours through the power of the keys–faith that is not afraid of doing things that are different, faith that will walk through doors and claim the land, faith that will truly stand any test.
3. The keys of increased faith will prepare you for whatever is ahead, and will give you the crazy faith of David to try new and different things, to open new doors‚ and to go where you’ve never gone before–to go completely outside the box, learn new things‚ and turn this world right side up and inside-out.
4. As you call on the keys of faith and action, I will give you blind faith–faith that doesn’t need to see, faith to put your hand in Mine and follow where I lead, faith that leaps out into the unknown, trusting that no matter where you land, I will place the ground under your feet.
5. Call on the keys of unwavering faith and trust, and they will enable you to go where you’ve never been before, to pioneer new worlds and methods‚ and to see the fulfillment of My promises to you.
6. Just as the cogs must turn in a clock to move the hands, and all of the parts must work together to show the correct time, so do your prayers need to turn the cogs of My preparation so that you will be in the right place at the right time. Claim the keys of synchronization for the doors to be open, and for you to be ready to walk through them when the time is right.
7. The power of the keys will not only open doors that no man or woman can shut, but will also open doors in advance to make it easy for you to walk through them when you get there. I am the God of miracles; I can and will do it for you.
8. Your wish is My command. Claim in faith anything that you need in your job of winning the world for Me. Through the keys of unlimited provision, I will not fail to provide.
9. If your trust in My ability to supply your needs is strong‚ not even the sky is the limit. Claim the keys of unrestricted entrance, and then go forward as if possessing, for you soon will!

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