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So this is what michael sent me when I was 13 years old. I remember not getting any of it. I dont think i even read all of it. Sure enough, today I was deleting hundreds of messages on this yahoo email i rarely use and came upon this…and read all of it…while on UM grounds. Except this time, I understood every word, which was truly impossible for me before my crazy revelation this year. It is an absolute truth that the Holy Spirit is wisdom and joy and understanding, cuz if I read this 4 months ago, you could be rest assured I wouldve utterly judged it and skepticized it all. Yay God, I’m tellin you. Its also cool too because today I just deleted all things from my phone from my past, (i used to leave notes of bitterness that would remind me of my bitterness- what a great idea! All the while believing I was super intelligent in faith- can you spell dumb?), and I deleted all music that didn’t glorify God, which was music Ive carried for the last 5 years of my life, (including Radiohead my favorite band) and I filled my iphone with all this new christian music, including justin’s Prophet band songs which are attached to this email. God chases you no matter how much you run, thank…God.

When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in Alabama at a bethel conference, I remember all the stuff the guy spoke over me and so far, almost all of it has been manifested. He saw me singing, and said he saw me singing in the shower, which sounds kinda weird, (a separate woman specifically prayed that I would never stop singing: I refused to sing out loud for the next couple years, she also prayed against a spirit of suicide before that started to manifest a few years later too) now I sing and play guitar out of nowhere, he saw me writing in a journal or a book or poetry (all the above), he prayed that I’d speak in tongues (awaiting that manifestation), he saw rainbows and colors around me which led to all of my paintings, (I can’t stand dull colorless paintings- just look at all the ones i’ve painted so far), he saw roses and lilies (im awaiting that one), he saw me moving thousands with something that I do, I cant exactly remember, (that might have to do with our future films- i get those type of Words often), and he talked about royalty or something, i cant remember. Oh yeah, this guy praying this over me died twice literally and was resurrected, TWICE. However after all these crazy prayers from random people all telling me I am God’s princess, that they see me in royalty with Him in Heaven, I was simply flattered, but unaffected. I got excited that I caught an angel feather, but still held steadfast to my own intelligence. In no way would I fake anything, but the enemy twisted that into, “don’t step outside of the boundaries or you’ll be faking” when it takes actions of faith outside of boundary comfort zones to receive in the first place. It took 4 years for that to happen. 4 YEARS after all those cool prophesies started to manifest one by one and I didnt truly care. Wow. Haven’t outlined this before. HaLLELUIA! GOD IS ROCKIN! He also gave me the coolest discipled friends I could ever ask for. More and more spoken prophesies have been given to me and await to be manifested, and I believe that when those battles come, I will get to see the supernatural realms. That’ll be scary/awesome. Then I’ll be able to address the evil where it stands and fight in Jesus name. And paint actual things that I see. Those times will come. Its gonna get crazy.

ANYWAYS!!! I didnt mean to go into testimony mode, its just that the back tracking of michael brought up all this coolness. All his experiences at UM are the same in me, except, I think I’ll be enduring it here a little longer… yay……..


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The ultimate thing which anyone can say about the Living God is, “I
have encountered Him; He has reached me. He stood at my door and
knocked, and when I opened the door, He came in and communed with me.”
The person who provides such a witness could be wrong, he could be
lying-but his is the ultimate evidence.

-Elton Trueblood, quoted by Don Basham in “Face Up With a Miracle”

Dearest friends and family! Today is July 4th, 2005, and I’d like to
explain a story that happened to me-one that continues to grow
stranger and more wonderful each moment. Mainly I’d like to tell you
some miracles that have happened recently in my life, but I guess I
should start with a quick overview of the last 21 years:

I was born in 1983 in Lansing MIchigain, and from the time I hit the
earth the battle had begun! My grandfather was Don Basham, and had
banded together with Charles Simpson Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, and
Ern Baxter in a little group called the Fort Lauderdale Five, which
was just about to start a big church movement which I will refer to
as Covenant.
I hold in my hand now a tape by my grandfather entitled “A New Look
at Spiritual Warfare,” which was made in 1985. This tape, in an
ominous purple case has his picture happily smiling at you, while
right underneath is written, “You can be set free from demonic
activity and walk in victory every day!” Wow! So apparently my ol’
Papa was into some pretty heavy stuff! He of course was not new to
this sort of thing when the tape was made, having been involved in the
Deliverance Ministry quite a while back, but I focus on this time,
because it echoes the type of life which I was born into! And boy, am
I thankful for it! However, I have sadly learned precious little
about that time, as the ‘Fort Lauderdale Five’ disbanded soon
afterwards and many people’s lives were ruined.
To me, just trying to sort out what actually happened during that
time of the Covenant is rather confusing-many facts and rumors from
different family members over the years have not brought too much to
light. But I think I get the basic idea now ( I think!) and I’ll try
and say it. The underlying note of the whole thing is one of deep
sorrow and pain. It sounds like the Vietnam War, where many were lost
or wounded and when they returned to the ‘homeland,’ they never were
really the same. Maybe that’s why the stories are always so vague and
dark, because they are stories of combat! Well, I don’t remember much
fighting, as all I knew was from Papa’s books and even that maybe was
only a fraction. But from word of mouth, I have pieced together
different revelations- each one quite earth-shaking to me!
Amidst scattered pictures of Pat Robertson’s 700 club, church
meetings, and a scary word called ‘SHEPHERDING,’ I have had my own
little experiences over the years, as I have heard other people in my
family have also: dreams, pictures, and sometimes just a strange
feeling even 20 years later that “DON BASHAM’S LEGACY LIVES ON!” . .
. I suppose when I was about 14 or so I had a vivid dream of Papa
where he was standing on this great structure in the middle of the
ocean, and his hands were clenched into fists reaching towards the
sky-I think the ship or rig he was on top of was sinking fast! He was
standing on the highest point of the giant sinking structure. It was
only an instant, like a snapshot- but it was so vivid! Papa was full
of passion and he was about to go under! Water was swelling and
churning below him, and the feeling was very, very scary!
Perhaps this sounds vague, too, but I think this is how it ended for
his ministry.
The ship called Covenant was sinking fast, although it
wasn’t really so much a ship as a kind of ugly looking oil rig, and
because he had helped to build it, and was somewhat responsible for
it, he was going ‘down with the ship!’ Now, this may be the tragic
end of his life, but I do not believe in the least that it was the end
of the story. For now I feel closer to him than ever before.
I’ve always had a sort of reverence for Papa, and in every home of
the Leggats, Bernsteins, Gundlachs, and my grandmother’s home, there
have been just as many pictures of Papa hanging up on the wall as
Jesus! But why was this? I always wondered about him. . .
My grandfather, I believe did the right thing-and according to a
reliable source had intended to get on national TV and apologize to
everyone who had suffered loss from Covenant. But he as just too sick!
My dear old papa had two heart attacks at the same time on a plane,
but not before going through a terrible depression, medicines, and
lots and lots of doctors. He really did go down with the ship, but I
think he did the honorable thing, being an honorable man and really
kind of old fashioned and a traditional Texan, born and raised in
Wichita Falls. From what I know, he made many mistakes during
Covenant, but it was he who took the blow, while the other shepherds
up and ran. Hmph! Well, he was a fierce man!


Well after reading the previous material and feeling it to be a tad
negative, I’d like to start THIS bit with some nice quotes from Rufus
Moseley, an old friend of the family and somewhat of a mystic
Christian who’s book Papa often quoted and read: (This was underlined
in his old copy of Manifest Destiny)

“We cannot be in Heavenly places in Jesus all the time, except in
this freely continuous outflow of His love to all people and to the
whole of life.”
“Whatever we give, we are. If we give the Lord’s love all the time,
we are in the Lord’s love, the Lord’s Spirit, in the Lord’s Kingdom or
realm, and in the Lord Himself all the time!”

Oh, I just LOVE him! When I found that book tucked behind some shelf
and my dad explained what it was, it was a total revolution in my
life! I owe much of my faith to have made it through those difficult
high school days to the Lord speaking through Rufus Moseley (Not to
mention Glenn Clark. . . I’ll try to explain that story later!)
If there is one thing I’d like to emphasize above all else, it’s the
fact that we are in a WAR, folks! All the glory and guts included!
A spiritual war. In Japan, the Lord impressed a great revelation upon
me once when walking down the street with some Christian friends in
–meaning, whether this is the generation of the end time or not, the
torch that Jesus lit and has passed down to all the great heroes of
the faith and all the prophets and apostles has now been given to us!
I was in an exchange student in Tokyo at the time, and immersed in
reading different works by G.K. Chesterton, a Catholic writer (almost
he convinced me to become Catholic!) that was very interested in the
whole story of the church and looked at the big picture quite clearly.
I was saddened at the time at the outlook of my friends who were
mostly focused on how they were going to complete college, then get a
job, and get a wife and kids, etc… while here this great mantle of
JESUS HIMSELF is placed on our shoulders! Not that I had any clue
what to do about it, I felt just as helpless as they did, probably ,
but I in desperation asked the Lord to bring about anything He wanted
in my life. One night at the roof of my dormitory overlooking the
city’s neon lights that never turn off, I told the Lord I wanted to be
placed in a situation where I just simply could not think of letting
go of Him, for if I did I would be long-gone. . . and I believe He
has answered that prayer!

Now, getting back to Papa and Covenant: I must bring out some things
that perhaps need to be said, and though they may sound overly
spiritual or metaphysical, I believe they are true! In meeting anyone
who was a friend of ours from that time, one thing that I always
noticed was a certain simplicity in faith, fellowship, and
understanding of each other that I have not yet seen to that extent in
any church. It’s a certain bond that has somehow survived (must be a
miracle, praise the Lord!) and kept us all alive. It’s a deep faith,
and confidence in Jesus. In a way, it’s like there is a place in the
Spirit where the people who really MEANT it from that time have always
been together, fighting this same unique side of the Great War of the
Spirit in this age.
Another point has to do with Papa’s Legacy, or really EVERYONE’s
legacy from that time. Perhaps I cannot speak for families besides
my own, but I have noticed a certain aspiration of all the boys in the
different families who inherited that legacy to do SOMETHING for the
Lord! It may not show all the time, or it may have only been for a
short period of time before seemingly burning out, but I certainly
have seen and felt a kind of compulsion, or a kind of responsibility
in my family and in my cousins to want to serve the Lord! This has
been manifested in different ways, but the heart of it is simple: THE
Now, since I’d better not dare to speak of any of those things which
Christ hath not wrought by me, let me please finish this little life’s
story! After the Covenant church was dissolved, my family went into
gypsy life! I grew up going to concerts with my parents, and driving
across the states every summer to different music festivals. I am so
thankful for this upbringing, and that we moved every year for about
13 years: for it fostered a sense of the faith life, or the life that
says ‘I am a stranger on earth,’ and really the only place I can call
my home (like the Jesuits say) is God’s will! So this was quite nice,
even though I spent most of my life playing with Lego’s and video
games- my parents instilled the Bible into us, as my dad would
faithfully always remind me as he dropped me off somewhere in the
world’s schools or malls or wherever, “Son, stay close to the Lord!”
So that was always very nice, thanks mom and dad! Another thing that
is greatly significant is the way that my family never really settled
down in any particular church anywhere. This actually brings up
another very interesting point! That of something I like to call
This is why my entire life I’ve felt my heritage to be both a
blessing and a curse (in a way) — this is why I’ve seen that getting
involved in any ministry would most certainly be the Most Dangerous
Game. This is why I’ve lived in spiritual exile, roaming from land to
land and church to church thinking, ‘ah, perhaps I should just settle
down in some farm in the country-side of Japan and just read English
Literature for the rest of my days.’
Churchianity, or the Religious Spirit, or the Modern-Day Pharisee
Movement is one reason I think my family never ever signed another
covenant with a single church pastor, shepherd, priest, or minister or
whatever again, not even to this very day. I venture to say that many
folks out there from Covenant have done the same, although even with a
certain sadness and remorse that it must be so.
My parents have taken us through just about every denomination except
for Catholicism, and even that I experience din Japan for one year
t a Jesuit school. The feeling we all had at every church was an
unspoken “Sorry, we like you and it’s nothing personal, but we’re just
not with you guys 100$%! However, there have always been a precious
few really sincere Jesus Loving Christians who we became close to:
with them we would have church at home!
I think there has always been a healthy fear of making the same
mistake twice in my family. I also think that this has made us wary of
any fakiness (uh, new word!) or falsehood in our own personal faith.
We all know God is real. We’ve got that faith, that evidence in our
hearts, and we’re not willing to give that up for ANYTHING, not even
your church! Sorry! So as a result we’ve also been a little bit
afraid to use any church lingo or religious -sounding words in our
normal day-to-day communication. Unfortunately this also has resulted
in a fear of talking about God at all, in some cases, or if ever
talking about Him only doing so in some sort of higher-educated and
learned way, ‘just to be sure we don’t sound like. . . THEM!”
Even worse, many have simply put down their swords of the Word
completely and rarely if ever have the ‘nerve’ to quote the Bible on a
regular basis for fear of sounding religious. The main reason for
this is that awful, stinky religious spirit that awaits us just
outside our doors: C H U R C H I A N I T Y!!! We’ve run, we’ve hid,
we’ve fought and fought to get rid of it, even if it meant introducing
into our lives every kind of ‘worldly’ material. . . anything,
ANYTHING to keep unstained from that awful, horrible fake feeling of
surface level religion! I know I have, I even ran away to the other
side of the planet, and guess what I found there? I thought I’d never
have to have a single thing to do with my past again. I’d ‘forsaken
all to follow Jesus’ not even knowing where I was going exactly, but
figuring it would have little to do with my past. Well, sure enough,
I found a copy of Deliver us from Evil in the Jesuit Christian library
tucked away just waiting for me to find it! And actually, that’s when
everything really got rolling! I’ll tell ya, this was almost
following a SCRIPT! If I could say my life was a quest up till then,
the biggest surprise about the whole thing was finding that the end
had ended right on the door-step of my childhood home. . .

then the author would like to thank you personally, and take a short
break in intermission with a song! Why don’t you join along!)

A mighty fortress is our God,
A Bulwark never failing!
Our Helper He, amid the flood
of mortal ills prevailing!
For still our ancient foe
Doth seek to work us woe;
His craft and power are great,
And armed with cruel hate,
On Earth is not his equal.

Did we in our own strength confide,
Our striving would be losing;
Were not the right Man on our side,
The Man of God’s own choosing!
Dost ask who that may be?
Christ Jesus it is He!
Lord Sabaoth, His Name
From age to age the same,
and He must win the battle!

And tho’ this world with devils filled,
Should threaten to undo us,
We will not fear, for God hath willed
His truth to triumph through us!
The Prince of Darkness grim,
We tremble not for him;
His rage we can endure.
For lo, his doom is sure,
One little word shall fell him!

That word above all Earthly powers,
No thanks to them abideth;
The Spirit and the gifts are ours
Through Him who with us sideth!
Let goods and kindred go,
This mortal life also;
The body they may kill
God’s truth abideth still,
His Kingdom is forever!


Now, back to the story! Lord Jesus help this to be told as
truthfully and faithfully as possible! Amen! Now, the next chapter
begins in the mountains surrounding Tokyo. On seemingly normal
weekend and weekday evenings, something had begun to tug me outside of
my normal realm! At the time, I was deeply engrossed in J.R.R.
Tolkien’s Silmarilion, the account of the creation and history of
Middle-Earth. I had been in Tokyo learning Japanese and meeting many
interesting people- my life’s dream and deepest desire- but something
was just not there. Something was missing! I enjoyed going on the
attack against the anti-God philosophies of my professors and their
suicidal Japanese Literature Lectures, defending God in the classroom
whenever possible, and hardly finding anything more interesting to do
in the night time than bend over my Bible and pour over the Prophets
and the Psalms and find new treasures, and I felt quite happy, but
still. . . something. . . .
So one evening, I sat at a Starbucks reading about how the Elves were
being born, ‘the Children of the Stars!’ and the beauties and
mysteries of this great world Tolkien had envisioned, when it suddenly
hit me that I was in a land of great natural beauty and mystery as
well, just outside the city where I would spend most of my time! This
realization sparked a series of spontaneous adventures into the
country side alone, sometimes in the middle of the night, where I was
just as happy as could be, singing made-up hymns and melodies while I
trekked through some unknown mountain-side forest pathway. Although a
little creepy at times, especially when chancing upon an old Japanese
graveyard or shrine, I knew that in the spirit realm this domain had
no power against the Lord’s anointed! I sang over and over ‘how
beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good
tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good,
that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!
(Isaiah 52.7, Nah. 1:15)
Meanwhile, back at the city my grades were plummeting! Quickly they
approached near-failing marks! I asked the Lord several times about
this, but felt such a strange peace about the whole thing in my heart,
that I didn’t’ worry much. I had every intention of staying in
school, and if possible, in Tokyo at THAT school, because the head of
English Literature had not only won the G.K. Chesterton award for
2003, but had also been a friend of C.S. Lewis AND attended some of
J.R.R. Tolkien’s classes! I knew I was sitting on the jackpot, and
had taken a fancy to reading some of the classics. Bug God had
different plans. . .
I applied at the last minute for transfer to this school, but in my
absent-mindedness did it a day LATE! This was an unforgivable sin to
the Japanese in charge there, and so I had to go back to Miami within
two months. It was a rainy day, and I went up to the 7th story
English Literature department to see if I could talk with Mr. Milward,
the head. He was there, counseling some businessman about something,
and ten spoke with me a bit. He really blessed me that day, as I was
quite devastated about the future, and he gave me some gifts and some
advice, and even showed me some of his favorite poems by George
Macdonald. My rejected application in hand, I went home and prayed
that night that the Lord would continue to lead me!
The next day everything changed! I met a girl! Her name was Stella.
The way I met her was most strange, as at the same moment I met 3
different people who were all sons of pastors! We were walking down a
street to school, and I probably looked like a ragged mess that day,
since I was preparing for another romantic hike! And behold, this
cute Japanese girl who spoke perfect English turned ou
t to be an
amazing Christian! So unlike any of my other friends- more like a
cousin! I actually thought she must have been from something similar
to my family, having also been home schooled and raised up in the
Word. We began dating, even though I had a 2-month time limit before
having to return to the States. I remember one day going to lunch
between classes and saying something like, “Wow! It’s like we’re both
aliens and we just happened to meet up on Earth by some wild twist of
fate or something!” –Probably not the best line on the second day
after meeting the girl of your dreams, guys!
But that’s just how it was, because for some reason this girl knew
all about spiritual warfare, had the most intimate relationship with
Jesus I’d ever seen, and just seemed so free of hung-up churchy
attitudes! I was really impressed with this girl, and taking it
before the Lord, I decided to tell her one day that she must be #2 in
my life– after Jesus of course! And that day in the subway, she
exclaimed later that someone in a church had just told her she would
soon meet a Christian guy that put Jesus before her– and it would be
great! So it was a prophecy that would come true! And often times
strange spiritual things would happen- a dream would be fulfilled, or
one of us would do something tat the other had been dreaming about the
night before, and many miracles! It was just way too cool! Praise
the Lord!
I have never experienced such a tremendous wonderful thing as having
Jesus in both people in a relationship! It’s almost unearthly! The
Lord, I believe, would engineer all of our dates to have the most
surprising co-incidences and beautiful dramatic backgrounds ever–
maybe because He knew the time would be short. Ah, the bittersweet
symphony of life! Thank God!

Ha-ha! Sorry to sound like an old man in that last page! I
will continue now:
At about the second week or so, I finally learned how Stella had
gotten her groove! Or, rather, where she came from! She hadn’t told
me much about the specific details of her church, but one day we
decided to attend one of my favorite little Japanese churches (many of
our dates were church– we had become a typical church couple!) and
she was saying ‘AMEN’ to more of the Japanese pastor’s sermon than any
other member! Oh yes, on the side I also was often times surprised at
her knowledge of what I thought were the ‘deeper’ Christian truths
THE CHRISTIAN WORKER’S LIFE or something like that, that I had been
studying in Oswald Chamber’s works. The difference was she didn’t
tend to worship these ‘great truths’ like I did. She didn’t’ have any
head-trips about this stuff, but had that good-ol, simple child-like
faith that is so hard to find these days! Often times I was humbled
by this, as it exposed a lot of my own head trips and pious
sanctimonious attitude when it came to discussing ‘THE THEOLOGY OF THE
PSYCHOLOGY OF JESUS’ or something. Forgive my sarcasm!
Anyway, upon learning about her background after one such church
date, that she had come from a small group of believers that were not
very well known and lived communally, with many of the same
characteristics as Covenant had! how striking! That is a whole giant
story I won’t be able to explain, except in the words of one of the
current members: ‘It’s a bunch of Christians who just decided to drop
out of the System and follow Jesus by faith!’ Actually, I’ll enclose a
testimony about the origin and overall story about this movement that
started the whole Jesus Revolution in the year 1969. This letter is
about me! Er, uh, the story of Jesus in me! MOVING ON. . . (*hasn’t
this letter just gotten more and more informal? Can you count the # of
Well, one day I got to go and visit one of these interesting communes
in Tokyo: this was a home of about 20 or 30 people or so, all Japanese
that spoke fluent English! I felt the same warm glow of the Lord’s
presence that I felt when visiting a small Spirit-filled church in
Tokyo full of people I didn’t even know who Didn’t speak English! But
this was actually a very different flavor in the Spirit: it was more
like my house! It felt almost exactly like the way it is at my house
when we have a big reunion or Thanksgiving! Now THAT was strange!
To make this long long story shorten, I will skip ahead a bit– that
happy time in Japan came to a close, and I had must needs return to
Miami, where I knew the Lord was calling me home, even at the very
sad, sad tearful goodbye to this dearest sweetheart, Stella at the
airport. Sure enough, the moment I returned to Florida all hell broke
loose and there was hardly time to think! That was the summer of 04′
and about 5 hurricanes hit one after another!
Even stranger, the Gundlachs ended up joining their house to ours
that very same week- in fact, I believe that was the day of the first
hurricane, and we had ourselves our very first commune! That was
quite an experience. I was going to the University of Miami, and I
think I was on my fifth major by then. Some weird thing like English
Literature and Religion and Philosophy. Sadly, that godless school
presented little more than typical liberal garbage nonsense, and so I
spent most of my time doing on-line research on Stella’s former church
and writing letters. One day I got an email from Stella suggesting I
meet up with her group here in Miami, if possible. I sent in a letter
to their magazine, Activated, that very day. Within two weeks I got a
reply and connected with a new home they’d just started here in Miami!
The Family lives a lot like gypsies live- in caravans, always moving
around and revoluting and changing. A lot like the wind! This group
had just came from North Carolina and had to escape the
hurricane-ridden State of Emergency, Florida (as my siblings called
I would visit this new pioneer home out in the outskirts of Miami
every chance I got! I quickly bonded with the different guys here who
loved the Lord so much they’d given up everything to serve Him and
live by faith! I even started witnessing with them on campuses and
winning souls to the Lord! I must say, witnessing is a real rush! It
humbles you, it renews you, and keeps you on your toes- it tests
everything you’ve taken in from the Lord to see what you’re worth!
Yow! As the days went on, I really lost all interest in my classes.
If there was any to begin with it was long gone: except to sneak into
school and print up massive amounts of Gospel tracts and stable them
to each classroom at night when the night classes had just finished!
Now I have to say THAT was fun! Unfortunately I was so nervous and
afraid I hardly got a single soul on my own until I met this Thai
friend named Kep who sincerely wanted to know the Lord!
I almost forgot what to tell him! I said, ‘you actually DO want to
know Jesus? Um, OK! Well, I guess we should pray!’ and I had him
repeat a short prayer with me like this: Dear Jesus, please come into
my heart and forgive my sins, and help me to live more for you. . .
amen! I told him he should get a Bible, and regretted not being able
to do more, but was insanely elated at the whole experience! This man
is going to Heaven now! Wow, Praise the Lord. . .

O.K.! This story is almost to the climax! Are you still with me?
God bless you! The next part deals a bit more with the miraculous
side! First of all, as you probably guessed, I dropped out of school-
right at the
end of my third semester, just like that! Burned that
bridge to the ground! I had free tuition thanks to my dad who has a
job teaching violin as a professor. he told me one night that I had
to decide whether I would stay or leave, but that I MUST DECIDE!
Thanks dad! I did, and left! I was more interested in winning souls
than continuing my career, and my fav. Psalm was fulfilled: Thou hast
delivered me from men of this life, whose belly you fill with your
treasure. But as for me I have hoped in God continually! He has
lifted my feet out of the net! (Well, I made up the last part. . .)
Sadly, as a last test, Stella decided we have no more hope to
continue this relationship, as she was not fully involved with the
missionary work any more, as I chose to be. Appropriately, that
evening I had just finished explaining to my sister Heili how God has
never ceased to burst my little bubble of my perception of Him. “And,
now,” I told Heili, “I’m just in this little box, like, waiting for
Him to break it apart and make it even HUGER! and… and…” I
probably sounded mad! It’s just as C.S. Lewis said, ‘God is the great
After that conversation, we were listening to U2’s With or Without
You when I opened up my email and found the break-up letter from
Stella. It was sad, but I knew I had to continue on where the Lord
had called me. It turned out to be without her, but that was the
final test to see if I was actually joining the Family to get closer
to Stella or to get closer to Jesus! (Just as a side-note, last week
I prayed with a guy to receive Jesus along with his two little
brothers in a car that was playing the same song! I love the Lord’s
little symbolisms!)
The time to join had finally come, and I was finally freed from all
known financial and spiritual debt (except, I suppose, to write this
letter!) when my dad asked me if I’d like to take a car up to North
Carolina as a favor to my aunt Elo and uncle James. It was, in my
opinion, the last ditch effort of the Enemy himself to keep me from
joining the Family! For, although there was a promised plane ticket
back to Miami, several things happened that would have kept me in
North Carolina for a long period of time! I drove through the Great
Smokey Mountains on the way, and on that detour spent more money than
was apparently allotted for my trip. It was an amazing trip, though,
and I think I listened to Alexander Scourby read the entire New
Testament all through the night as I wove through the perilous Smoky
Mountain roads up and down, sipping on coffee and trying to stay
Anyway, I got a phone call during that trip implying I would not be
able to return so soon, because the money was not enough to by a
ticket home. I got from the Lord not to worry anyway, and just to
trust Him, and I continued on! Finally, arriving in Raleigh NC, I
mysteriously got completely lost! None of the directions made any
sense, and I drove up and down in near desperation looking for the
right street, for almost 3 hours, when I finally found it- and guess
what? Two guys from the Family home in Miami were on the street,
doing witnessing! What on earth! I had no idea they were going to be
there that time! I circled around and talked to them, and found out
they had come to visit their dad and get some passport business taken
care of in a nearby city! Woah! Well, they just happened to be
working right in front of the street where James and Elo lived at the
This was so obviously arranged by the Lord, there was no more
question about how important this new life-changing decision was. He
wanted me there! So, for that week, like Jacob with Laban trying to
get Rachel, I had a week of back-breaking labor moving trees for my
dear poor uncle with his wounded foot, until we worked out
arrangements for me to go back with my friends at the end of the week
to Miami. And that was it! So the Lord sent a rescue team for me!
And what has followed has been the most spiritually intense time of my
whole life! Living in the Family has just been one miracle after
another, and I’ve never felt so close to Heaven before, or felt the
spiritual warfare so strongly as I do now. I’ve also had a lot of
time to think about my family and past, and in writing this letter I
hope to somehow give to all the call to war- to spiritual war! Let’s
get down and dirty and fight it out to the end! Let’s take hold of
our swords and get into intensive intercessory prayer, and I’ll meet
you guys on the bridge there! All the saints and all our ancestors
and grandfathers and great grandfathers spur us on! The World is
getting darker than it has ever been, and in this age, as Rufus
Moseley prophesized to Papa and his friends one day, “In those days
the ones closest to Jesus will get better and better, and the ones
farthest from Jesus will get worse and worse!”
I wish I could tell you all the things I am doing now, and I hope I
will in a later letter if possible! Hey, his letter in itself is a
faith-trip for me, as I don’t even know any of your addresses yet, but
I know the Lord will provide those that are destined to read this in
the end. Well, whoever you are, I love you and pray for you always,
and hope to see you on the ‘other side!’ God bless and keep you!

Michael Basham




Personal Testimony

I thought I’d try to retrace some of my own steps now. . . I hardly ever do this so I figure it’s a nice change from only focusing on constant emergencies arising and all the crazy things that happen around me on a continual basis. They say that the Enemy is defeated by both the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony, so I want to recount some of the amazing things that have happened to me in order to formulate somewhat of a testimony before I forget them.


Of course mainly I want to review the specific experiences that have happened to me which pertain to my walk with the Lord and the things that really only I can say because no one else was there! You know, “what is that in your hand?” So I figure I had better use it!






I was about 12 or so, about to enter the foggy teenager days when i remember putting a piece of paper in a lego treasure chest, in my gigantic box of legos, addressed to myself in the future. It was almost an unconcious thing I did, but in it I told myself I had better still believe in the Lord and be close to Him OR ELSE or something like that. There were some other random silly things I wrote, but I remember reading it a few years later and being relieved like, “I made it. I managed to not lose my faith, in fact it’s stronger than ever!!” and I was able to toss the paper in the trash, with a feeling of victory. I lived in the comfy life of the States and my parents really not imposing much on me, so I didn’t have to feel pressured into believing in the Lord, but I knew it was the most important thing, in the back of my mind and I didn’t want to end up in Hell, mainly, so it was a good thing to do. Fast forward to highschool, and when my brother Joel had his first seizure — it was suddenly as though a war had begun. This was the year 2000. My sophemore year in high school was just this time of total asphyxiating and debilitating prisonlike-atmosphere– which was balanced and compared with my loving Christian home with a real freedom of the spirit, joy of the Lord etc. I go to school, feel like I’m being drained of all life, and then retreat to home, and feel I can truly be myself again.


I was homeschooled up until that point, so I wasn’t about to fall for the silly things they try and teach you in American High School. I knew it was pretty much all garbage and even the things that were worth learning were twisted. However during this time my main escape was simply video games and movies, and fellowship with good friends and cousins, plus learning Japanese which was just this totally different world. But when my brother Joel got sick, it was as if everything completely changed. I look at pictures from that time, where we were visiting him in the hospital, and see how I was turning into a teenager completely consumed with his own image and entertainment, with little consideration for things that really mattered. When it first occured, I was with the remaining 4 Basham kids, and even though everyone was handling it really well emotionally, I suddenly realised that I had to take some charge as the oldest son. I remember the night it happened none of us had any clue what was wrong, except something terrible had happened to Joel. So with mom and dad gone on the way to the hospital with him, we were just at home feeling quite helpless. I went out into the front yard, I guess to pray and seek some spiritual answer, and just felt in a daze, and a realization that I could either step forward and do something, or give in to the fear of the situation. So we all sat down on the couch and prayed together, and even though this seems to be a normal thing to do, I remember how it felt like breaking through many walls of normal teenage personality symptoms of shyness and detatchedness and trying-to-be-coolness. This was after the Summer where my cousin Stephen and I had the house to ourselves, got to find our own jobs and use the old Honda Civic to get around Naples, pretending we were adults in our 17 and 16 year old days, followed by a wonderful camp in Tennessee with some old friends, which was also a spiritually awakening experience for both of us I think. So it wasn’t that this dark day was the first time of ever feeling like connecting with God, but it was the first disaster experience that I think forced me to face the facts of life and death. To this day hearing Heili Gabe Allison and Emily talk about Joel, I can see that it remains as a constant factor of reminding us we are always needing to rely on the Lord.


Well after this was where I think it really hit me what was the ultimate most important thing (that is your connection with God), and to answer my call the Lord did many miracles, almost on a daily basis that underlined His existence to me and made me realise there was no turning back from devoting myself to Him, knowing He was real. Right after this experience my cousins the Gundlachs all moved in with us, too, so that was another thing that made us all realise that our once normal world was changing a lot– in some ways that were pretty dark on the outside– but on the inside I think we all felt the joy of the Lord and peace that He was giving us despite very trying circumstances. We were all losing a lot at that time, so both our families banded together in a beautiful way which actually provided me personally with a lot of great opportunities to be with my best friend and cousin, Stephen. We would often meet after school was over, and he was starting university, and just fellowship and talk for hours over a Venti Americano and sometimes even ciggies too! These days were very dramatic.

It seemed every time we would step out of our chaotic family home, we would count a million new events which were occuring. My faith grew as well, and I used to try and get up early to read the Bible and some parts of Thomas Kempis, writing down my prayers and thoughts and verses which stuck out to me. These were also very disorganized and chaotic– since I didn’t have a specific church or shepherd to rely on. I felt I had to figure it out for myself and it was just between me and the Lord which was actually great! To be able to take the Bible literally, and read it most of all instead of having to primarily rely on some person was the best way of meeting the Lord on a personal level. I went outside for long walks every sunset, and used to present things to the Lord and He would always seem to answer me in gentle and yet clear and shocking ways. I was starting to witness to people, and there was one hispanic guy at Naples High named Elvis, who was getting into a fight with some guys at P.E. class. I got to talk with him afterwards and found him to be a very attentive and spiritually hungry guy. I showed him the Bible I had, which was a pretty doggone big heavy Bible I was studying, and recommended he get one, but actually offered to buy him the same one. He was very thankful and I was feeling all wonderful about this as well, so I marched right down to the local Christan bookstore and found that Bibles in America are actually pretty doggone expensive, and I would need to bring more money! Something like 40 dollars for a full leather bound Bible. I didn’t want to give him his first Bible and it be some kind of flimsy little paperback one, so that evening I walked to the canal and watched the amazing sunset and took out my pocket Bible with the Psalms and Proverbs on it, and opened to some verses that were really speaking to me deeply, as everything was fresh an new and very very applicable. Then I closed and opened it to “cast but a glance at riches, and surely they will fly away on the wings of an eagle.” and of course it hit my question dead on about spending so much money for my new friend, and I looked up and saw a gigantic eagle fly across the canal that very moment. So the next day with more faith I was able to go and buy that big ol’ fancy Bible for Elvis! He gave me a huge hug, and like a year later on he actually returned the favor and bought me a new Bible! I guess come to think of it mine was all chewed up at the time. After that I saw him really change quite a bit, and a few times he would show up at the school’s Men’s Bible Study that the football players had organized.


Japanese was a huge focal point of pretty much all of my free time. I remember going to bookstores and taking out grammar books and just feeling compelled to learn as much as possible on my own, for a reason i couldn’t explain!


At this point I was driving around a fun little zippy 1985 Toyota Tercel, which I bought from one of the violinists in the Naples Phil where my dad worked and still works. I would use this to get to work, by the beach on Vanderbilt— DaRuMa steak house where also later on Stephen started working too. It was a great experience, because I was very interested in studying the Japanese language and all the chefs had me come spend time with them at Shoto’s house after work on occassion, and I’d get to listen to them speak Japnaese and we would eat delicious barbyque. Then once Shoto’s friend from Tokyo, and artist named Takaho Inoue came and visited, and Stephen and I were able to take him and his rock-star friend to Ft Myers beach. We had some funny conversations, since it was so hard to communicate as none of them could speak English.



So! The reason I mention these little seemingly innocent and unrelated facts to anything is because they all seemed to mesh together in a seamless miracle a little while later. At this time I was also taking piano lessons from a sweet Vietnamese lady named Lan Lam, who is now a professor at a nearby university. One day I went for my piano lesson and her husband gave me a huge grocery bag full of Japanese books, probably about 1,000 dollars worth, including tapes and flashcards and university textbooks, all for studying Japanese. Geoff (who plays violin with my dad at the Naples Phil) handed to me and said “Heard you were interested in learning Japanese! These are from a friend of mine who recently divorced from his Japanese wife and who obviously isn’t interested in learning the language anymore~!” and so I took this as a sign in the right direction, that this was what I needed to do! Japanese was a stran
ge hobby that came out of nowhere for me, that was sort of illogical. Before this even happened a very nice man named Akira Endo, a famous conductor who also had helped my dad get the job as a violin professor at University of Miami also heard I was interested in Japan and invited me to his house to stay with he and his wife for a few days, and learn all about Japan! This experience I think most of all impressed upon me that this was more than just a hobby and the Lord had something in it for me. I got to learn some basics about Japan and Japanese and mostly just enjoy being with this super nice couple. We rented “Tampopo” and ate some traditional Japanese food… learned Kanji, and went to a Japnaese museum. . . anyway from the time I decided to start learning this language many events would occur to propel me on with studying it. Now my brother and two of my sisters are also interested in the language so it may be that our family has some connection to Japan that we just can’t explain. Oh and one final factor was my math teacher who was married to a Japanese lady that started a weekly “Japan club” at our highschool which was a fun little chance to learn some interesting stuff… His name was Mr. Freeze! (spelled Freis, I think)

So anyway, I had this job working at a Japanese steakhouse, and decided to quit! The reasons, I remember very vividly, were these: (even though Stephen had decided to start working with me there which was really awesome.) 1. my car had become an end in itself- paying for it was where most of the earnings were going. 2. I wanted to spend more time practicing the piano 3. I wanted to learn Japanese 4. my grades weren’t very good and I needed to do my homework like a good little schoolboy. … So that very last night I was scheduled to work, all 4 reasons showed up at work! 1. The Maestrangelo’s who sold me their car came to the sushi bar, where I was working. 2. my piano teacher Lan came with her husband Geoff (who by the way also introduced me to Haruki Murakami, a very trippy novelist!) 3. and 4. Mr. Freeze and his Japanese wife came (representing school, getting good grades and studying Japanese) … I was able to play the Chopin Nocturne that Lan was teaching me for everyone, on the nice grand piano they had, and for once in my entire life I played it perfectly for her without any huge mistakes in it. Maybe running around cleaning tables helps you be a more alert performer… 

So that evening with all those strange destinies lined up, proving that indeed quitting the job was the right thing to do… was totally awesome. Then, my very first weekend after this I took Stephen to the steakhouse to work, and then was free, so I decided to go study at the Vanderbilt Library and study my lovely Japanese language books. I felt a little bad that Stephen was still working hard and I was free, but since the last day I had that amazing miracle happen, I figured that GOD HAD A PLAN and as I was about to find out, He did…

On the way to the library, I vividly recall praying, under my breath, for the Lord’s help, almost jokingly out loud “God please give me a good study time, because Japanese is a reaeeaeaeeaaaally hard language to learn and You want me to learn it…. Right? …” and I trailed off there, not totally sure whether it was the Lord’s will still, or just my own trip I had inadvertently inherited from watching a little too much anime or playing too many Japanese videogames. A split second later, I pulled up to the parkinglot and much to my dismay the library was most obviously closed. There was only this green car parked there, and I noticed a short, sweet looking older lady standing at the door looking kind of out of place, and for some reason I decided to check the door to see if it was unlocked. It was only 4 PM.

. . .   TO BE CONTINUED. . .

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