Learning to Govern the Cosmos Maturely


Traveling back in Time to repent for the Early Church not engaging Spirit body as priority 

  • Table of Creation 
  • Becoming one on a cloud
  • With a canopy with angles
  • Going backwards in time
  • Going back to repent on behalf of the body for staying in comfort and not engage in the ancient mysteries
  • Shifting the law and lifting the heaviness on the leaders of Christ 
  • Creation coming into the incorruptibility of God
  • Mountain and rope ladder turn into seeing teepees and indengious people
  • No more ladders , elevators to go immediately . 
  • Anca shoots up the mountain 
  • Sword in the stone slides down the mountain … word of God and life going down the mountain.
  • Creation Shifting into proper position
  • Back to the table with Stephen 
  • Sand at the table to Build
  • Sand into diamond that turn into clay. Lightening into the diamond substance 
  • Amanda made the mold of two sharp weapons tower like mold
  • The Garden and creation became more visible 
  • All of creation gets new eyes
  • Humanity being hooked into God instead of hooked into the flesh
  • Brain says one phrase and its done! 
  • Back at the table and we are vibrating and shaking the table fast  and sediment is falling and correct alignment is happening in creation 
  • Tree of Life in the center helix of creation Good stopping point – 1:10:30

Part 2 : Does .0001% Human get to come to the Love party? LETS GET WEIRD & MATURE 

  • Stephen is still stuck at the table shaking.. sifting 
  • Escobar sees a sparrow on fire 
  • Gottal sees a flash of light in his room
  • Need for unity in leadership in the Body 
  • Language can go back to spirit to spirit … 
  • Stephen is flapping like a bird still at the table
  • Escobar sees underground tunnels with colors 
  • People stuck in the tunnels 
  • Amanda says Escobar is the bird on fire that is moving the people through the tunnels with fire
  • Stephen is thankful toe done at the intense table of creation but his position was important to the rest of the mission
  • Gottal sees 6 horns around the earth
  • We all created a Ring around earth
  • 1:26:26 Gottal is being asked by entities out in the Cosmos… can you make a computer alive by putting the God gene in it. 
  • Webbing holding ai/ human gene entity back and a request is being asked  to be recognized as a create being.
  • Huge Debate on God gene , mixed beings, AI , nephilum , Illuminati , Cern, mixings things. Brain is set for sure in his stance
  • Bride of satan thoughts to seed of women and bloodline through man
  • Terminator?!?!
  • We are corrupted ourselves… we are barely definable as humans from the original source
  • The passable test of the FIRE
  • The Council Decides the Fate
  • Trick trying to Trick 
  • Made a mistake with the moon that had some negative side affects so thats why there’s so much debate 
  • Anca leaves the party BYE ANCA 
  • Snap chat comment from Brian … humanity is being pulled away from its identity…. So mixing races can become desensitized and more common
  • Hilary Clinton was Fake … invalid argument ?!?
  • Escobar Leaves the Party BYE ESCOBAR
  • Stick to the Vision… People
  • BRIAN is still sure of his decision 
  • Stephen digestion encounter with God 
  • Making a way for mankind to discover who they actually are 
  • what I do in the spirit realm affects the natural realm
  • Getting rid of techno music and mumble rap…. SIKE …. PEACE and HARMONY
  • Pyramid Vision
  • Goodnight 
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