Let Go!

Prophecy, a lady named Karen wrote out, which I listened to on this week’s OmegaMan, just when I found my life was about to change a lot.  Her beautiful Irish accent touched through the worry in my soul:
“I want to free you to do my work, I want to free you to have real life,  I can release you from the things that hinder.  It may hurt, and it may be painful, but let Me do it.  Don’t resist My Spirit.  Let Me work, and accept the life I want to give you.  I love you, and I want you to be free.  But you have to let go, and let My Spirit work.”
And also a word from my praise helper, which I was just typing out (recieved 1 month ago) at the same time:
<Vashtiiva>  My praise coming through you will help focus you, and clear your mind of the Satanic realm you’re fighting through, during the Offensive!  Call the Victory Squadron and the Praise Bomber Squadron and the Keys of Praise!  Paint Targets for us, and we will majorly cripple and even dismantle many operations!

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