Let's Storm Satan's Strongholds

Let's Storm Satan's Strongholds

Go into the Trophy Room of Satan, let’s retrieve lost Mantles and annointings! does anyone want to go after the Mantle of David and all those “New Weapons” people have left aside? I sure do!

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  1. Ugh, you just had to remind me of that awful day when Jesus (can barely even bring myself to say that name) resurrected himself and stormed into hell (MY HOME), breaking down my gates, trampling me under his feet as if I were nothing more than a doormat, released everybody, confiscated MY KEYS, and left without even saying goodbye!!!

    1. Is that so? Not the happiest of memories I guess. Well yes indeed that was a momentous occasion and I can only imagine the same will happen when your time is up as the ruler of the principalities of the air over this earth. Enjoying counting away those last precious days?

      1. Keep mocking me if it fills your day with joy. My time may be short, but what time I have left is spent wisely ensuring I take as many people with me as possible! You christians cannot save everyone! As long as I have the majority of souls, it’s job done for me.

        1. So proud, as usual oh fallen one. Well let yourself think you’re hurting God by doing what you’re doing. I remember I saw you trying to accuse the saints once in the Heavenly Courts, and you even tried to tell me you were working for God by setting up this New World Order thing! You’re so confused and such a liar, I bet you can’t even remember all the lies you’ve created to save yourself! God’s just given you enough rope so you can go and hang yourself. In the end, we’ll clean up the whole entire mess with the tools of the Spirit and the River of Life.


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