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  1. We both just listened to the Praying Medic and my honest personal conclusion (Terry speaking here and Karen typing) is that he appears to be a person who is like a spider that has spun a cleverly spun web and the fact that his web is on the Web comes as no surprise. The web as we all know is a fitting name for the Web and you would have to say that the Web is largely run by the prince of the power of the air and we all know who that is. In a way the prince of the power of the air has become something of a spider of late and believe it or not, perhaps you know it already, that spiders do actually travel around on the wind, that is a strange fact and so you see this prince of the power of the air being like a spider that has come down from the air and has spun this great web and he has loads of spiders working for him on the web. Spiders seem to have loads of children, I remember looking in the bathroom once and a spider had obviously had loads of babies as there were literally dozens and dozens of them in the corner there, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were about a hundred there, they were all climbing up the wall and I thought to myself, “blimey, if that spider can have what looks about a hundred babies then all those baby spiders could also grow up and have about a hundred babies each and before I know it the whole house would be overrun by spiders!” You’re probably like me and don’t like to kill little insects etc. so I did my best to scoop them up with a piece of paper, they all seemed to be mixed up in web stuff so it wasn’t that hard and then I threw them out the window so they could spin their webs outside.
    Taking the Praying Medic at his own words, he talks of spinning a very clever web and he’s all over the internet spinning these very clever webs and I’ll have to be honest here for the sake of sheer honesty and that honesty would say that I don’t believe a word he says but I do find myself thinking of that verse that talks about the prince of the power of the air and that spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience and the verse goes on to talk about conversations and the course of this world. I see the Praying Medic as someone that is walking according to the course of this world and he in that sense has become one of the Devil’s baby spiders and this spider that calls himself the Praying Medic is not a baby any longer and by his own words he has made it quite clear how calculating he really is and n0 doubt he sees himself as a professional spinner of what? I’d say he’s a spinner of lies! And what he is doing is spinning a web of lies in a professional manner and professional way all over the Web and he’s trying to teach you to do the same in telling you to become a professional web spinner so you too can have a hundred babies and then those other hundred babies will grow up to have another hundred babies and before you know it there will be thousands of babies all one way or another connected to the Praying Medic. The funny thing about spiders is that they never get caught up in their own web, that’s what makes them a professional, they can spin their webs and practically dance around that web with the greatest of ease so they are quite sophisticated and pretty sharp. I watched a wasp the other day fly into a web and that spider shot across that web with the greatest of ease and he quickly wrapped up this wasp in his web in next to no time.
    I want to say something here on a very personal level now and that is that in all honesty I’ve always spoken well of you and have in all honesty been touched by your interest in myself and in all honesty again that I rate you in a special category of person in that you don’t put yourself above people and you are friendly to all walks of people and you cut across all this class stuff so that is a very very good gift you have and I admire you also because you are a real tryer and you get things done and you are good at putting people on the map and giving people a voice so seeing as you have given me a voice I would choose to speak to you honesty though of course I could be right or I could be wrong but my honesty would tell you that I don’t believe that the PM is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I believe he is spinning a web of lies and he is leading people astray. People that lie quickly realise how easy it is and let’s face it, we all know that on the Internet you could put the most crazy lies out there and it won’t take long before you have a thousand followers even and some people you hear that have actually done this, they have made up the most crazy outlandish stories that you can ever imagine and have quickly found that people actually believed these lies, that on the Internet you have thousands and thousands if not millions of sad lonely lost people all looking for someone to take them seriously and for someone to believe in. I always tell my daughter that the Internet is the grass is greener over the other side of the fence place and it’s sad when you see these pretty girls on the Internet who’s faces are really in a jar by the door, you see them with their make-up on and then you see them with their make-up off and it’s so sad that you see two different people and it’s so sad that you see that everyone is learning how to deceive on the Internet, you see them all as caged birds, they hang out on their perches and in their bedrooms like lonely trapped birds and they do their best to promote themselves and to get all these likes and thumbs up etc. and what does everyone do on there? They create a false image of themselves, it’s like a decease these days and people aren’t real anymore and you get people like Praying Medic coming along and exploiting the situation and praying upon lonely lost souls.
    I suppose after saying all of this you will probably say goodbye to us and that’s sad but I’ve been here before many times with may people and there’s always that lonely feeling when you say goodbye to people but that’s the way it has to be because Jesus said “woe unto you when all men speak well of you for so spake they of the false prophets.” So I make loneliness my best friend and I can’t walk with the majority and pretend and I’d rather be honest to you as a friend and in so saying, I don’t believe in any one thing that the Praying Medic has said but I do believe that he is walking according to the course of this world and accordance with the prince of the power of the air and that spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. The Devil is the father of lies and he’s also the father of all the spiders on the Internet. Love from Terry – I hope this helps and not hinders!

      1. I (Karen) feel the need to pull out for the time being for my own sanity’s sake because I think that many of the things that you are getting into these days are very negative and I also think that people that spend too much time focusing in on these things can become ill, I’ve already seen one conspiracy type YouTube channel go down recently for these very reasons so I think that it’s important that people get the balance right and do not allow themselves to become too obsessive in one area as it can have a very negative effect upon their mental health and that of others also. Personally, I consider myself first and foremost to be a Christian that wishes to promote Jesus and all these other, what I often call negative truths, are secondary to that. They can be interesting, intriguing even but if a Christian is spending more time exposing negative truths than they are in leading people to the solution man then they need to ask themselves if they are getting the balance right so with these thoughts in mind, I have to say that I often feel we are going in very different directions but more importantly to this is the fact that I cannot in any way go along with these people that you are promoting as reality because I see it as pure deception that is seriously leading people astray and I think that it’s become obvious to me now that it’s not just you that are into these people but most of the people in your circles also which as far as certain persons are concerned I have to say I find quite shocking as in many other ways I feel they are getting things right! As far as the spiritual side of things is concerned, just because something looks in many ways like the real thing it doesn’t make it the real thing and we have to be able to spiritually taste and discern the difference between real spiritual food and spiritual junk food and that’s not always easy so I don’t claim to be some kind of spiritual guru here but all I know is that I do not find the Lord when I listen to these people and neither can I read their books and that tells me that there is something very wrong. Anyway, a lot of this I’ve said before so I kinda feel like I’m just repeating myself here and at the end of the day it’s only the Lord that can reveal these things to us, I’ll leave you with the below YT to listen to and think about though as I think it has a lot of truth. Keeping you in my prayers – Love from Karen!


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