Looper with Bruce Willis: Illuminati Notes!

Time Travel is showing up everywhere these days, and this may be one of the more interesting ones.  Although these movies are very enjoyable, I think it’s also important to note that time travel technology is actually becoming a very probable reality in our present world, believe it or not.
With the testimonies of several very well articulated witnesses, it should at the very least be taken as a possible factor in our world.  It’s a stretch for the mind to watch these kind of movies and helps you to picture how the 5th dimension might work — outside the rules and regulations of our time-bound realities.  I don’t pretend to know how the spirit world might work, but I believe that the fact of bending time and space is a big part of it.
LOOPER has some very enjoyable aspects to it, though.  Here are some of my reflections and observations:
-A reference to Cowboy Bebop!  The main character shoots the air and says “Bang” while listening to some old classic jazzy music.
-A dystopian future reminiscent of Blade Runner or Cowboy Bebop. . .
-That mind-bending time travel storyline, and yet it doesn’t fall into too much of a cliche as most time travel stories do.  It’s horrifying in some parts, too.
-Also it features the psychic child using his mind to bend reality and even kill people, which is another thing you see in Japanese anime a lot.  I think the director must have been a huge Cowboy Bebop fan.  Just see the episode “Sympathy for the Devil,” and you’ll see a certain influence there.
Are you interested in real time travel?  Look up Andrew Basiago, Dr. David Lewis Anderson of the Anderson Institute, and anyone affiliated with the Philadelphia Experiment and Project Montauk.  That’ll keep you busy for a few months!  And after you’re done listening to interviews with all of these people see if you still think it’s science fiction.

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