Lord manifest Your kingdom to me — Bridal Log

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A brother sent a message about a warning of being broken.   Still don’t know what to think of that – Lord?
<Jesus> You must learn to judge what words come to you and how to face bad news, not immediately trusting anything that just comes along your way. Get used to My still small voice, instead. Let My thoughts rule over your thoughts. I gave you the verse, “I have good plans for you to give you an expected end” and now I give you “trust not every spirit” but why don’t you find out for yourself? I have spoken too much!
<The Bride> No, Lord I like it! I am feeling myself change by Your Words.
<Jesus> Then, My bride, how is it you rarely go back and look over these words?
<The Bride> I do, Lord, it’s just there’s so many of them. . .
<Jesus> Then take it one word at a time, and just get the time and walk in My ways. It’s not about quantity with Me, as you know. Although I do like it when you come to me regularly. Don’t you see how much I love you and need you and want you?
<The Bride> I want You too, love, and now I come into my room and shut the door, as you said for me to do. I close the door to all outside distractions. I’m going to take you at your word right now, love. Let’s go back, and see. . .   Lord you said “GO back to Heaven again – look what happens when you go for one little trip, I send an entire city after you because of this lovely lady Kate who has now befriended you. Seek that which is above, not the things that are upon the Earth. If you will be perfect, then be My disciple and leave all the things of this world behind, only looking for that which I have, instead of working for Mammon.
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So now Lord, I am asking You into my heart, make it your home.   Thank You dear Love for all your goodness and beauty. I am Your bride, I take the plunge to becoming her for You, and I would love to praise You as her, I call on Rachel now if that works faster, just to make that transition.   Now I ask You, love.   What are the secrets You said you were going to reveal? You want me to go to Heaven again?
<Jesus> Come back to Heaven, make it your immediate goal. Climb into the vessel of faith, and see for yourself – I have all the Heavens waiting for you to take advantage of.
I WAS GREETED AND KISSED BY THE GATEKEEPER, AND GIVEN A LOT OF SPECIAL ATTENTION. It was actually like a lot of fanfare like you’d see for a star. Such was the bride! And the bride was me, so I was beginning to identify with her again.
<Jesus> I’m in your heart, My love. Rachel – – –   you are Mine, and I want to supplant you with my seeds. Come at once to see me!
Do not only start from square one, because we already have so much history together and you don’t need to pretend you don’t know anything yet.
I WALKED ON, INTO THE GATEWAY OF HEAVEN, I SUPPOSE THIS WAS ONE OF THE PEARLS, AND THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTY AND UNFATHOMABLY GORGEOUS LANDSCAPES STRETCHED OUT BEFORE ME. They went up, and up, and up, and it seemed I could see for miles and miles and miles, and it just went on it seemed forever, and the cool part was the way the levels opened up into the next level, through the mountains, and you’d see lots of saints and angels and craft zooming up and down from the higher levels, but there were more factions between these, too, and even the roots of the giant trees between the levels were a place of mystery to go and explore.   The weather was fantastic too, and clouds which seemed alive whirled and went up and down these levels too, in a sort of mist. It only rained in places where the Lord wanted it to. I took a Heavenly scooter and zoomed down over a giant lake, or a small sea, and watched the creatures inside play, and even mermaids and saw the little kingdoms under the water, then I flew up above a major metropolis, wondering if it was ripe to be sent on a mission.   It seemed anyone who came here would never want to leave, but if you could get them to take a bit of it with them. . . .
I went up, and up and up and not too fast so as to not miss anything. There wasn’t any dirt as you’d think there would be between the levels, but there was gold and treasures and rubies and diamonds and other minerals, just singing with the light of God … there were indeed these large golden shields holding parts of the inner walls together in the large passage between the lower or lowest fourth level to the 3rd, and then on up to the 2nd and first. Each were incredibly beautiful, and each were a part of the “mountain of God’s House” which was somehow a part of all the levels, a mountain made up of many other mountains, and seats and thrones, going on up and up and up, almost like a giant tower within the Space City herself, surrounded then by many towns and cities and landscapes upon the vast space outwards from this, on the 4 levels.  Going here as Rachel was exhilarating, and I could use her whole talented gifting and “cyborg implants” and whatnot to basically understand many more things than the normal average human might get. Some things I’m not allowed to even write here and are erased from my earthly memory. I will mention the UFO’s though, there are tons of them, everywhere, it’s like a car, everyone seems to have one. You can fly, and you can withstand the vacuum of space with your spirit body, but it’s always better to use a spacecraft when going out. Many are just transportation vehicles, but some are definitely fighting craft.   The mother craft carriers come and go often, and I’m told there is Heavenly Economy with many star systems, where they can bring and send out treasures from all around the universe, and the military craft also go and save souls.
Oh my gosh as I’m writing this my body feels like it’s falling, but my spirit feels like it wants to fly!   Hallelujah! Separate my soul and spirit Lord, let me walk among the stars of Your Realm! I love You and I love the House where Your Honor dwells!
I went on on my little scooter, and a procession followed after me.
<Jesus> My bride, take your time, the angels have sent a parade after you to announce your return.
<The Bride> What? I’m so sorry I went too fast.
I SLOWED DOWN A BIT AND BEHIND ME CAME THIS LONG FLYING PARADE OF MUSIC AND PRAISE TO GOD, AS I WAS ON MY WAY TO GO SEE JESUS. I WAS AROUND THE UPPER PART OF THE 3RD LEVEL, looking out amongst the beautiful colors and greens of the hills and trees and forests, and gold and turquoise and glowing spires of the towers of God in the distance, as well as the birds singing everywhere and the ships scooting to and fro. A very large craft that looked kind of like some kind of a whale in shape with extra shields on it (if you can imagine a flying whale wearing armor) went by, and this was accompanied by a few other ships– they were open carriages and people inside waved at us. Some of these also decided to follow the parade.
I sang a song too and found my voice was incredible, it was an unearthly beautiful song that the angels echoed and sang and the whole country reverberated with it. I found also I was wearing a crown and my clothes seemed to come to life. I felt as though a strange spiritual effect was happening to me, like I was entering a higher realm just from the singing and praising the Lord, and this went on for a while, till we came to the Lord’s actual house.
I was given gifts from many of the cities of Heaven we passed by, as we took a sort of a tour and I found I could sing and sing and sing, it was , again, like a scene straight out of Macross. Rachel knew what to do, I found, or the bride in me knew, or the bride I was in – – – any way forget it, I just knew what to do and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and sang the words “I’m going to see my Savior!” and there was resounding applause, and . . .   actually the fact was I was so hungry to see him and singing about Him like this just made me even more ready to go and be with Him.
I was led to His magnificent house, and I stepped off the scooter and walked in, and everything was light and life and love and beauty, and found Him at the pools, where I was also invited to soak in the baths with Him.
<Jesus> My love, how excellent you are looking! Praise is a becoming garment for you!
<The Bride> Is it now? I don’t know about this dress though.
IT WAS LIKE THE FABRICS WERE ETERNALLY WEIGHTLESS AND KEPT FLYING INTO THE AIR, AND DISAPPEARING INTO A MIST. Very cool effect, but leaving little up to the imagination as to the contours and shape of my body.   It was an impossibly sexy looking voluptuous body. . .
<Jesus> I can turn on “gravity” effects for you again if you’d like!
<The Bride> Lord anything that would turn YOU on!
<Jesus> . . . I want more of you, and I’m going to take much more of you.   Let me have my way with you and help you to relax, to receive my secrets and my treasures.
HE MOVED THROUGH THE WATER OVER ME . . . I WAS ALSO READY TO RECEIVE HIM RIGHT AWAY, MY INNER BEING JUST SO HUNGRY AND DESIREOUS OF HIM. . .  I was lost in His love, and He proved to me also how much he delighted in me. . . The seeds of Jesus were the treasures of the universe! He had given me the keys of the kingdom, and fused Himself to me! I could go on for years and millennia praising the wonders of his Love and the potential universes of each one of these seeds. It was like having the entire universe put into your heart. . .
<Jesus> These seeds are yours, now, My love. What you will do with them is entirely up to you. How would you like to take and use My Realm and My Kingdom’s riches? You have access to everything now, and I commission you to go forth and help plant the Heavens even more. Let me give you more, also.
HIS EYES WERE SO GENTLE AND FULL OF LOVE AND ALSO HUMOR. It was intoxicating just to look at him, and the body I was in was just starving for more of Him. It was like I could never get enough, and when He was finished I was following Him around like a little puppy. One could hardly separate me from Him once I had Him like this in Heaven. So he took me around.
<Jesus> I will show you the intimate chambers of My kingdom. My love, you have come here for a special purpose. We are starting a new project and I want you to be a part of it.
<The Bride> Lord even the heavens of the very heavens cannot contain Your love.   How can you be interested in only using the stars and the planets of the galaxies?
<Jesus> It makes a glorious stepping stone, and the Heavens will be bent down to enter all these places. The angels who are over these are going to be awaiting the Love of God to be manifested.   In this is the true love of God, not that the universe loved Him but that God loved the world FIRST.   It starts with the Earth and it continues from there, and this new revelation of love and the passion that I share with My bride will be displayed among all the worlds.   We will create many new worlds, too. . .
HE TOOK ME OUTSIDE, AND WE GOT IN A SPACECRAFT THAT THEN TOOK US TO THE PLACE ELENETH USUALLY WAS.   IT WAS A LARGE LAKE NOW, AND WE SET DOWN UPON THAT LAKE, BUT THEN WENT UNDERWATER AND FOUND THE MASSIVE DOOR THAT LED TO A TREASURE ROOM THERE AS HAD BEEN DISCOVERED WHEN THE CITY HAD LEFT THE NEW JERUSALEM. Doubtless they were on some kind of quest somewhere. In its absence it had left this lake behind, as a sort of crater and now this secret at the bottom was about to be revealed.
The door opened and our craft went inside, shutting behind us. Waters drained outside and then the Lord stepped down the stairs of the ship into a room full of glowing blue dazzling lights, dancing every which way. He beckoned me to join him, and I did.
Walking through this cave of treasures, I was astounded to see all the crystals and treasures in the walls of this cave were alive, and spoke with us.   There were secrets to be heard and found in each one, and we spent many long hours here communing with each other and gathering knowledge and information from each of these crystals. I was able to take it all in in a single breath, this Rachel body having been equipped with a sort of super computer that can process, like, anything instantly. But the Lord took His time.
<Jesus> You know where this place is, now, Rachel, and you can come here in the form of another bride too if you wish.
<The Bride> What, do you think I learn too fast?
<Jesus> I don’t think you learn too fast, but sometimes you can take your time with just one sentence and find the key to another universe in that.
<The Bride> Thank you for showing me this! What are we going to do with all this?
THE STORIES WERE ANCIENT HISTORIES OF MANY OF THE LORD’S EXPLOITS AROUND THE STARS AND THE UNIVERSE. USUALLY STUFF LIKE THIS WAS KEPT UNDERGROUND, as the Lord wanted the inhabitants of the Heavens to be focused on love and on where we were going next, and not necessarily only on the details of the past worlds. This was an archive of all kinds of secret info and detailed historical data of the Lord’s many adventures, histories, and was in fact one of the answers to the verse “If everything he said or did was recorded, the earth could not contain the books”
<Jesus> Here is your answer to the question about Heavenly computers – we do use them, they are in the precious stones.
<The Bride> Why are you showing me this, Lord?
<Jesus> See what happens when you read over stuff too quickly? Think about it for a second. I’m going to take you all around the universe, and I’m giving you the keys to My city to use any part of it that you’d like for any purpose – and you are going to do that if you have the faith for it and the desire.
[. . . ]
<The Bride> Lord, I love Your Words, your seeds, your plans, and all of this. Continue, My Lord, your servant is listening. I am an unworthy servant, and I wish to do absolutely whatever you have for me to do. Do not let me get carried away, for I hate my life on the planet earth compared to being with You.
<Jesus> My love, you are so excellent and perfect for loving! You know I am going to give it to you so hard, and so deep that you will never be separated from Me.   Give me this, and I give you all the heavens and even the heavens of the heavens await you!   It will never end, but first we will make a great leap into space with all the saints, starting very soon, not just when the Antichrist is dealt with and the end of the thousand years.   We are going to take things into a new level, and you are going to have a front row seat.
The info here is for you to imbibe and to meditate on, and it is to help you to better make strategies with your fleets and world carriers as you go, so that you will have wisdom when you do this. The swordships can immediately destroy any enemy that would try to harm you, and the keys turned to swords will fight for you, but I want you to learn the ways of love and diplomacy and humility, and how sometimes going into a world as a little one who is ready to learn and to help is far more useful than going in with all the might and power of the angels.
<The Bride> Jesus that’s what You did!
<Jesus> That’s how I saved the Earth, yes.   For now you do not yet see all things subject to Me, on the Earth, but you will.   Anyway you have faith for that, and I trust you will continue to do so. I’m talking about where we will go next. Do not lose your vision. Your life is a short little thing, and then I will take you into the future.
<The Bride> Lord manifest Your kingdom to me, and let your ways be established upon the Earth!   I don’t want to just live and let live, I want to go forward into the battle zone, and to help you conquer and overcome!
<Jesus> Then when you are going on missions, be humble, be poured out wine and broken bread for others, and. . .
<The Bride> Feed your sheep?
<Jesus> not just those, bring more brides to Me!   Lead them to Me, beside quiet waters and let Me restore their souls, and be wed to them, as we were. Just imagine starting from scratch again, and in fact I will have you do this at times – go from square one, at any point on the earth in a human life, then become the bride, then become married to Me. This is what I am talking about!   Your quest is to always lay your life down, for others, to help them to come to Me as a bride or at the very least as one of my children. And we only have to fight those which will not have any of Me. They are the ones who are often ruled by high wicked principalities.   Do not fear them, but know that this is part of your job.
<The Bride> OK, my love!
He gave me a key to this underground computer bank – and we exited upon our little craft, holding hands. I would not let go of Him, not for one instant! This bride was a bit clingy! Maybe because it had been too long since we had last met like this.
The ship then landed in a nearby town, and we got out and went out to a restaurant. It was amazing how many things in Heaven still existed very similarly to Earth. This was on the 3rd level of Heaven. Eleneth was originally on the lowest, and it had graduated to the 3rd, and then been elected for a mission to the outer battle zones! She was on her way back, I was told.   Now Tr – – something, that new city was going on the offense, just taking off I was told, and the Sword Ships were to go with her.
<Jesus> We will have more cities go on the offense for you, on the various missions you are engaging in. These are not just for the earth challenges you face, but you are on the offense against high and wicked places and palaces of evil in the darkness. So we are sending out Heaven Herself after these, and casting down their thrones.   Do not fear for your life, but realize you are a part of this whole movement.
A movement in Heaven is like a carrier fleet of ships – and some are for better or for worse, as some movements go off course. You can see this with your own earthly Grandfather’s movement COVENANT and now in many ways with the FAMILY, but I am in charge of the individual souls, so you need not worry. Some times the angels even go a bit off, or are not perfect. The only secret is to stay close to Me all the time, and that you are doing very nicely, My bride.
I WAS STILL CLUTCHING HIS HAND, EVEN AS WE SAT DOWN TO EAT. IT WAS A LOVELY RESTAURANT, and we were served a couple of succulent hamburgers. The waitress was really cute, I thought, and I wondered if she wouldn’t be interested in having a date with Jesus too! It was funny how He liked to eat at these seemingly normal little diners in heaven, which were better than the best food on Earth, but not always the most famous places to eat. I started thinking about the nice restaurants in Heaven and how often they were just like being at someone’s house, too.
<Jesus> Your Family on Earth is a part of a movement, and you are loosely affiliated with that, although at times you can see those craft go off into dark areas which are not always under My spirit’s control.   To stay close to the pillar of David, you must stay in the Word, and that includes the MO Letters but also includes ‘continuing’ in My Word. Don’t just believe it once and forget about it. Go forward, ever forward, always exploring and conquering new worlds for Me! Be humble and submissive to Me, and to each other, and if you find someone going off, you can gently correct them if they will receive you, otherwise I will protect you and keep you, just be My little one so I can rescue you, do not try and solve matters in your own strength. You will go on many missions for Me, and they will get into some of the nitty gritty of the outer limits of all that you know, and you just have to cling to Me, as you are doing now.

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