Loving Jesus: How is it a Weapon?

As the pressure of the Endtime intensifies, I think this weapon will make more sense almost than any other– that of identifying with this role which embodies both weakness and authority at the same time!  At once dependant on Him, and at once destined to be rulers with Him!  I just found this prophecy from last year:
<Jesus>  Soon there will be no more refuge left on this Earth except for My Word.  This will happen very rapidly, when the Enemy unleashes all his power at once.  All the crutches people used to rely on will vanish all of the sudden!  Pray for the protection of the little ones, and do not fear man.  What is he but a breath in his nostrils?  You will be more and more My Bride as you yield to Me and forget this World.  Leave the foolish way behind, and live!
Welcome to a closer walk with Him!  Take on this role, and be amazed at the things He shows you and brings you!  There are no limitations, no impossibilities.  Only your faith limits you, or lack thereof!
So how does this weapon work?  It’s like an instant calling forth of the Greatest General of Generals to come and defend His bride!  You just take the step of faith to become this role for Him and suddenly find that very quickly and efficiently the Demonic Host that was threatening you before has vanished!  Vaporized!  Pulverized!  His Word is a complete Spiritual Universe which will one day overtake this World.
I also go this from the Lord:
“now My brides are so distracted, and do not pay so much heed to My Words.”
I’d love to share some more of the graphic nature of the prophecies that ensue, but maybe later!  I know there are quite a few people out there now practicing this revelation for the first time, and let me just say this to all the doubters out there:  The Satanists perform rituals which bring forth evil spiritual entities, and that do not require so much faith as a result.   There is what G.K. Chesterton called a very eerie practicality that comes with all witchcraft.  But with The Lord and His power, you will always need faith, during this time.  So even for this revelation, don’t expect to suddenly see yourself and the Lord goin’ at it in graphic revalatory insane vividness, but according to your faith, I think you’ll find the reward in the other aspects of your life to be quite large!  If nothing else, do it just to please Him!  Some people are more visually minded than others, and will find fantastic scenarios playing out with the Lord, and that’s great!  Others not so much, but the power of this weapon in operation is still in full swing!

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