Loving Jesus (Sexy) Prayers!

151. When I’m with You someday in Heaven, then we can feel and see one another in the flesh and we can fulfill all these things that for now I can only dream of or talk about with You. That’s certainly something I’m looking forward to, but for the time being I hope that You’ll take my simple words and understand the great love and passion that is behind them in my heart for You.
152. I’m not saying these things just because You want me to, or because I know I should. I’m saying them because really, truly in my heart I long for You. I want to be with You in every way. I don’t want there to be any passion that You and I haven’t delved into, anything that we haven’t explored together or done together. I want to go all the way with You, Jesus, because I want You so badly and can’t get enough of You.
153. Thank You for always giving me all that I want and more. Thank You for not holding back. If You denied me the pleasure of Yourself I don’t think I’d make it without You. I need You in my life. I want You with my heart, I want You with my body, I want You with my spirit—I want You in every way. Come to me.
— * —
154. (To Jesus, from a man:) Oh, Jesus, wonderful Jesus—so strong, so beautiful, so sexy! What a Lover! What a Husband! You are the Creator of all things that are beautiful. You’ve given me such happiness and fulfillment! I love serving You, Jesus. I love being in the Family. I love reading Your Word and receiving Your seeds. It’s such a privilege for me to be able to be Your bride. Even though I don’t pretend to fully understand what it means to become a woman in the spirit and to be able to lie in Your bed of love and make passionate love with You, I do accept it by faith.
155. I ask You‚ Lord, to help me to grow to be a better wife, a better lover, to be more like You want me to be in this way. I want to be more intimate with You‚ Jesus, more tuned in to Your desires and Your whispers. I want to give You what You want‚ and love You the way You want me to. I admit‚ Lord, that sometimes it’s hard for me. Sometimes I’m not really in the mood to love You intimately. Sometimes it makes me feel rather odd, sort of strange, because it’s so different. It takes so much faith and I have to make a conscious effort to humble myself to say yes and do the humble thing. And of course‚ that’s not always easy.
156. It’s hard on my pride; it goes against my nature. But You know it’s not easy and You bless and honor every step I take. You know my heart, that I want to be closer to You.
157. Jesus, please help me to love You more intimately, to come to You in the bed of love more frequently, to say to You the words of love and passion and desire that You want. Even though the words don’t come so easily or naturally for me, I do want to say them becauseI love You and I desire You and I want You. Even if I don’t understand it completely, I still want to progress and to be freer in spirit, and to love You more and more each day.
158. Thank You for being my Lover‚ my Husband. Thank You for making me Your bride. It’s a wonderful privilege, and I never want to ignore or minimize or despise such a wonderful place of honor. By Your grace, my sweet Lord, I will do everything I can to be what You want me to be.
— * —
159. (To Jesus:) There’s nothing like loving You, Jesus. There’s no lover like You, no sex like Yours, no passion that could compare. You’re the hottest and most beautiful. You’re an awesome God of sex and love, and I find You delicious and breathtaking. You’re a dream to look at and a fantasy to experience.
— * —
160. (To Jesus:) You’re so hot and perfect that I give myself to You like I’ve given myself to no other. I want this to be the ultimate, and I know it can easily be; I just have to want that and open myself wide to You.
— * —
161. (To Jesus:) You overwhelm me with pleasure!
— * —
162. (To Jesus, from a man:) I want to feel the ecstasy of Your Spirit making love to mine and Your seeds entering into me and strengthening me, teaching me, taking me places I’ve never been before. Though feelings may be scarce, facts are not, so I’ll stick to those. You’re my God and my best friend. I’ve learned to trust You for anything and to trust Your Word. So if You say this is love at its best, if You say You need this, then I want it and I’m in. I want to be Your bride, not as a Family or a movement, or figuratively, but personally, because I answered Your seeking, and loved and opened myself to You. I said “Yes, I do,” and willingly jumped into Your bed of love to consummate this love.
— * —
163. (To Jesus: ) You’re a God among lovers, and I mean that in every good conceivable way. I want to be Yours and I want to feel every bit of love I can get from You. I need You and I can’t live without You. I’d be miserable without this intimate love. Your desire and love for me mean everything to me. That is what I live for and why I want to make love to You. I’m Yours and I want You to know that.
— * —
164. (To Jesus: ) Oh, for the day when I will finally be able to fulfill the depth of my passion for You. In that day, when we meet face-to-face, what is now by faith will be seen and experienced. We will have each other wholly, with no more barriers or restrictions.
— * —
165. (To Jesus: ) Jesus, I feel so inexperienced, so small, so insignificant, so nothing. I’m almost ashamed to come before You, because I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen and heard about these wonderful pleasures of Your love‚ but I’ve never experienced them. We’ve had sweet times together of kissing and caressing and loving—hours of foreplay through the moments I spend thinking about You, reading Your Word, and keeping You in the center of my mind throughout the day—and I really enjoy that, Jesus, but I want more. I want to experience it. I want to feel the ecstasies of being with You. I want to enter into the realm of the spirit. I want to be able to leave the cares of this world behind, to lie with You in utter abandonment, and to let You do with me as You will.
166. Jesus, I don’t want my fears and inhibitions to hold me back. I don’t want them to hinder me in any way, because what I really want is You. I want Your seeds. I want Your love. I want all of Your love—everything that You have to give me. Please don’t hold back! Show me what it’s like. Let me experience having You fill me to the full, Jesus.
167. Jesus, You’re my Lover! You’re the One I want, the One I need, the One I long to have and to hold—and I long to satisfy Your every need. I want to be open for You. I want to be ready at any time of the day. It’s amazing how just in an instant, just in a moment, You can take me—heart, soul and body—and refresh and refill and strengthen me, by filling me with Your life-giving seeds.
168. I love You, Jesus! Thank You for taking me, as unworthy as I am, for making me Your bride, and for teaching me how to love You.
— * —
169. (To Jesus: ) You come straight to me and kiss and touch me as if I were the only one, Your only desire. I return Your kisses and whispers of love and we soon find ourselves nearly breathless and aching for each other. Then You take me to Heaven with Your lovemaking. You are delicious, and I feel this is so good I could explode. You’re so hot! I want more, always more. You’re welcome anytime.
— * —
170. (To Jesus:) You’re so sexy and hot. You’re so manly and desirable. I want to bare all and make love to You. I want to have You become more a part of me. I want everything that You give, and I humbly and openly ask for it now. Love me, kiss me, do as You please. I want Your loving and Your kisses. I am Your lover and I love it. You please me!
— * —
171. (To Jesus:) Come to me, my Love! Lie with me, my Darling! I desire nothing more than to spend time with You, to nestle in Your arms, to feel You so close to me! Surrounded by You, my nothing becomes everything, because You are everything‚ my King, my Lord, my God!
172. I don’t know why You stoop to love me, as insignificant and as nothing as I am, but I’m so thankful You do. I need You so much‚ my sweet Jesus; I’d be nothing and nobody without You. I couldn’t even live without You. I’d be dead‚ lifeless, a zero—nonexistent.
173. My sweet Darling, it seems so ridiculous to think that I have anything I could possibly give to You, or that there’s anything You need from me. But You’ve said that You want me, that You desire me, so please take me—I’m Yours! You created me. You bought and paid for me by laying down Your life for me on the cross. If there’s any way that I can bring You even the teensiest bit of love and comfort in return, then teach me how. Show me how I can give You pleasure.
174. I have so much yet to learn about being Your bride and about the ways of Heaven. Lead me, my Darling, step by step. Teach me Your ways. Teach me to bring You pleasure. I only live to please You, my Love, and with this I’m content‚ for herein lies the deepest secret of eternal happiness and life!
(Note: The last prophecies about Loving Jesus the Family got were very open ended and DIY.  They never seemed to have a final word on it, just ‘hey, here is this, you can do what you want with it.’  But upon further inspection and research into the LJ Revs I have found it to be one of the highest and greatest honors available to any created being.  Go and become the Wife of God!  How on Earth can you beat that?

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