Loving Jesus: "The Final Wall"

This weapon is considered the last wall in your spiritual battlements of preparation against the Enemy.  And it makes sense, as if you are the Lord’s intimate lover then He’s definitely got a “Strong-Hold” on your life!  It’s such a weird concept and hard to accept by most, that I don’t think the Enemy’s even going to be making much preparation for this weapon. .. but just let me say that I’ve seen great fruit of this operation in my life, as the Lord has taken care of me and seen me through more rough times than I can count.
I’m looking forward to the Endtime now, because of the “Run to My Arms” prophecy, which speaks of these days as almost an orgasmic, ecstatic realization of being in rapturous love with the Lord even despite all the darkness on the Earth. . .   because He will manifest Himself to us in a new way then.  Aren’t you?  Don’t you want to get into bed with the Lord, so to speak?  Literally?  It is not for the babes, but if you are an adult, and can talk about adult things, then it is for you.  First you must receive it as a little child, though.
How funny Church Christians are, that they can talk about a Bride, and a Bridegroom, and a Wedding Feast, but if you ever mention what happens after that (or even now before all of that!)  then you are immediately branded a traitor, heretic, pervert!  Hey— just stating the facts of life, here, biologically!  Don’t kill the messenger!  Anyway, the prophecies are all there for you to read, so if you lack faith in this area you can do the reading yourself and GET some!
amen. ..

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