Madonna Illuminati song predicted COVID-19

They even end it by mocking the cross…   long time since I saw an Illuminati tell-all video this vivid!

Great analysis by a friend on Facebook named Jake Frierson

It’s hard to deny that there is something else going on that we, as normal citizens, are not privy to.

This is because we are not involved in the upper echelon of society, much less secret societies, like the freemasons, and we aren’t able to access this type of information off hand.

I saw this video a year ago when I was first waking up to the corruption in our government and it was crazy to see how connected everything was.


In this video, you see Madonna on stage, doing a performance of one of her ancient hits and she starts talking in a mocking voice about halfway through and saying some very disturbing things that literally make NO SENSE in the context of the song. It was added to rub it in your face just like they do all day everyday and we don’t notice it, because we don’t know what they’re talking about.

Now that this CV is happening all over the world, this video carries a lot more weight and meaning that even I dint catch last year when I watched it.

You see her dancing with people wearing masks that are portraying a plague of some sort, and she begins speaking in this mocking, condescending tone saying, and I quote:

“They are so naive!”

“They think we are not aware of their crimes”

” We know, but we are just not ready to act.”

“The storm is not IN THE AIR, it’s INSIDE OF YOU!”

“I want to tell you about love and loneliness, but it’s GETTING LATE NOW!” (as in, its getting ready to go DOWN!)

“can’t you hear, outside of your supreme hoodie, the wind that’s HOWLING?”


She then blows on them and they all fall down and die and flames rise up and consume everything.

Look at the CV outbreak that’s going on a year after this. They KNOW WHATS GOING ON BEFORE WE DO!

This was planned man!


She then breaks down into another song and brings on Quavo the rapper and they begin sining, and I quote:

“Not everyone is coming to the future!”

“Not everyone is learning from the past!”

“Not everyone is moving to the future!”

“Not everyone here is gonna last!”


Then it goes into them singing,

” I hope you know MY FUTURE is gold!”
(as in, you’re not coming where we’re going)

The golden age, of the 5th age, or the age of Aquarius, is an occult concept and it has to do with the age of enlightenment and hermetic alchemy, where mankind ascends and becomes gods. They are planning to do this through technology , the mixing of Iron and Clay, spoken of by Daniel the prophet in Daniel chapter 2.

This is the New World Order and this is what occultists believe is happening right now as we speak. They believe they are the golden age and that they will be ruling and reigning in this future paradise.

This same concept is echoed in MANY places throughout pop culture. They are involved in the occult and secret societies and if you’ll notice this stage is in the shape of the square and compass, just like a million other performances have been, because they control EVERYTHING.

I could go on about the for an eternity, but I’m just trying to get people to see that they are not aware of what’s really going on in this world.

Now, tell me what ON EARTH this has to do with her song, like a prayer?


This is a warning and she even closes the song by saying

“WAKE UP!!!”


and I say the same thing to you and I have between trying to say it, along with many man other people, its time for you to

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!


The elite are about to start eliminating us and entering in to their golden age WITHOUT US! They do this to mock us!



Original Performance link below 👇


And then a girl just commented the picture of the statue of liberty crumbling behind her… I added that one also. It’s time to wake up people. This is a set up.

And then, also, you have the two people holding arms at the end of the video that have an Israeli and Palestinian flag on their back locking arms, which Aleister Crowley has stated openly that the elite are pushing for a WW3 to happen and it will be the final event that takes place to usher in the NWO. It’s all planned. All of it. We live in a production.

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