many impossible sounding things are real

many impossible sounding things are real.  When you consider all the things you have learned just through these men, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to begin.  But in coming to Me you will find rest for your soul, and I will lead you beside quiet waters, even if those quiet waters are on a massive spaceship the size of a planet flying through space!  Are you not on the Cursed (but redeemed through My Blood) Earth?  The place you are now is a battle field.  You have difficulty enjoying the beauty on the planet you are on now.  But if you will come to Mine, you will enjoy it more.  I don’t just stay put on the Father’s House Planet, Arctura, but I also journey forth both aboard the New Jerusalem, and the other many craft that I own and use.  These fleets are piloted by My loyal Host, and they are more than capable of fighting the Enemy of your soul.  So call them forth!  And claim ownership over My Kingdom, too, as My Bride!  Literally nothing is impossible any more, as you possess the Keys of the Kingdom.  I have said you would do greater things than I did, so begin to venture forth and witness some of those things.

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