Mars base dream


I was on a high tech Martian colony, with high raised walls and powerful defenses. All around it was danger. Behind was snow, in front of it was desert. We could control the weather. From within I looked out and could see different figures walking about, and decorative looking lizards and small dinos. People with very terrible faces and hardly any color on their bodies strolled about, but they were all very unhappy looking, and kind of more like creatures than people.   I stayed in the fortress most of the time, and then I realized I should arm myself, just in case for some reason some of those outside dangers were able to come inside.   I looked at some flashlights and thought if they would become important.   It seemed the main weapon we were using though was the weather change weapons. Someone could shoot anywhere on the martain landscape and create a new flow of sand or snow, so that area was completely white and perfect again, after a pretty strong sand wave would come over there.

I finally did go outside, once somewhat armed, and walked up to the huge cliff which our fortress was overlooking. I saw a guy in a wheelchair yelling “send me some dirt! And sure enough another colonist shot nearby and a large wave of dirt flowed down to where he was. This was to clear away any of the monsters as well, and who knows what, but you could see it became all free of footprints – in otherwords there were no more markings on the sand when his happened.

[dreams of this nature having to do with sands and designs on the sands changing are always extremely important in my life, indicative of … something signifigant for sure!!]


DSDuddenly there was indeed an attack, and a bunch of more organized martians landed and wanted to engage us… but our defesnses were still a hundred times better and we washed them out with the weather weapons immediately.   A wall of sand came and [stopped them].

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