Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip


REASON: Because it’s awesome

MISSION: Unknown, but bring new recruits, possibly.  Make a big mess, scare a bunch of people.

Target Scripture of Meditation: [Isaiah 66]

Background music: [Last Bible 3 OST]

PRAYER: Lord we come boldly before Your throne of grace today, knowing that you are our life and hope, our only true love and one reason for existence.  We live in you and allow Your life to live through us.   Thank you for a brand new chance to walk in Your Spirit and Your Kingdom.

PROPHECY: Join Me for a new trip, and a new goal, as you set your face towards Me to walk in My Spirit.   Do not live as others do but experience My joy to the full.  Know that what you receive from My hand is good, and is not to be judged because it’s so “weird” or “new” but just run with it and see what I do.  See where I take you.   The StarLion craft is an ancient place but it’s new for you.  You could call it a craft but it’s so much more than just that.

VISION:  WITH JESUS, WALKING about the bridge of this Heavenly craft.   We’re enjoying just watching the vastness of space, as it seems the stars are zooming by, but really I don’t know what any of it is.  He’s looking so happy, as though He was waiting for me to come back here.  There are angels and people walking around, also working the many systems of the craft, including the above city’s management.  From this control centre you can see almost everything going on in each area of the craft which in itself is world sized.  No wonder people get lost here thinking they’re on a planet.  The light is all powered by the New Jerusalem, especially with the Lord on board, which He often is.

<me>Lord this is awesome.  Thank you for taking me here.  I ask that you bring Laura too, and any others who are game.

<Jesus>  They can come any time they like, this is your platform.  Remember how all this came to be, and that I honour your request.  It’s a business operation too, because the closeness I desire with you is like this:

Isaiah 65:24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

<me> That is indeed really close, Lord.   Most people aren’t even ready to read the Bible, much less pray, much less hear from You, much less see anything in the Spirit.  Thank you for this platform so I can at least start somewhere.

VISION:  Looking around at the different 3D screens and operating tables (they are literally that place in space and time, and the angels are able to help direct things and move stuff around, it’s really wild)

We are indeed heading towards Mars.  Gnarly.  There is a sense of so much peace here, like these people know what they’re doing and are very busy but they really genuinely love each other.

<Jesus> OK here’s an angel that is going to be working with you guys, and you might want to get acquainted with the people on the top-side, in Eleneth who are going to be assisting you with the school.  Yes, we’re going to plant a school on Mars.  It’s been a part of the whole dream saga you’ve been building upon after all!  Why not make it happen?   Then if you find people who are ready for some other-worldly stuff you can bring them here.   However first we need to create a ‘habitable zone’ on Mars otherwise it’s going to really not be fun.  You saw that other lady’s Mars colony and found it boring, right?  This will be a training school for students to engage in Spiritual Warfare, so ti’s going to be on a frontier of one of the Enemy’s main countries on the planet.

NEXT DAY, Building the Base.   Star River Chamber Vision

<me> Lord I go into the Star River chamber now to see all the different tasks and works that need to be completed in the Spirit today.   In Your River of Life all the dirt and grime from the world seeps away and all I can focus on are Your truths and promises and the power of your word flowing through me.   Remove any hint of sin or griminess.   The sense of exuberance in your presence is overwhelming and the connectivity to all these different projects you are handling is great, but mostly I thrill at being connected to you and Your Spirit and knowing our Father like this.

IT’S NEAR THE MOUTH OF THE FACE OF THE LION I PRAY THIS, feeling the water come through the chamber and lighting up various precious stones.  It reminds me of one of the most high tech spiritual anime scenes possible, with technology beautifully interwoven with spirituality and all these “power stones” lit up.   The Word of God flows through me and I feel reborn and renewed.  Each stone shows a separate task and outworking of the River of Life, both for the healing of broken souls and seeking the lost, as well as actually starting to terraform the planet.

The chapters chosen for this are Psalms (ch30-32)

<Jesus>  As soon as you’re done in there, we can give the first class to the first wave of explorers in this mission.   The base is going to be set at the frontier, as I said and although it looks dangerous out there, the bigger spiritual danger is actually on Earth where there is so much spiritual death.  You must abide in My love and heart to bring life to the desert of Mars and also the spiritual desert of Earth.  Through coming here, you will learn a new chapter in your relationship with Me.

THE BASE WE START IN SPIRIT IS on the edge of this valley, with a river extending from the massive StarLion craft behind us and traveling into the valley.  It’s going to take a long time to heal this area and there is a lot of research that needs to happen with the soil and testing out different types of soil.

The smell of the air is always slightly metalic and so we build a huge dome around the base, which has several sections, each several stories high and able to house facilities for students and soldiers alike.  There is a huge lecture hall where we all sit and listen to Jesus’s “pow wow” for this mission.  The students I hardly recognise besides Laura and some angels I’ve met long ago. . . .

The age range is from middle school to university age, actually the age isn’t the most important factor but the faith range.  Some you would think are way to young for this kind of operation but their ability to operate spiritual weaponry is immense, and their armor is super strong.

<Jesus> OK is everyone here?   I’m going to outline for you a little bit how this base will function.  All of you except for a few are also on Earth physically now.  This is an exercise in spiritual-tripping with Me and a kind of Spirit – Field Trip for you.   We will face horrific things out here and you will have to abide in Me constantly or you will lose heart.  However this is the kind of test you all need, as you can become complacent on Earth.  Out here there is danger ever present and a need to keep your armor on and weapons at hand at all times.   You will forge new friendships and begin to break some of the bonds from the past.  We together will make a path for others to follow and accomplish great feats in the Spirit, and fighting “aliens” and the “Martians” is only the beginning of it.  All of you will need to learn how to pilot a flying craft and a land vehicle.  The weapons you are trained in using so far are good but there will need to be many more.   On Earth if you have dreams about this and start to find you are experiencing this in a somewhat tangible plane, then do not get proud or lifted up, but know that the whole point is for our relationship to deepen, and for your love to grow.  Learn to love through My eyes, and let Me guide you.  This will help you when back on Earth to also treasure and cherish each thing, each moment, even to love the people who rub you the wrong way or are even your enemies.

AFTER THE LECTURE we all sing a hymn to the Father, and Jesus Himself shines so bright the very school itself absorbs energy from Him.

The next few weeks involves training the students in various arts of war, under supervision but surprisingly a lot of freedom is given.  The first wave of enemy attack is nearly imminent and involves the entities we started to call “The Bad Cowboys” showing up.   Usually arriving on some genetically modified pigs, these were mostly sent to scout out our school base, although some of them were perhaps coming of their own free will and curiosity.

The way we started to engage with these was through a “dream device” that allowed the different students to manifest their dreams.  So long as they were under Holy Spirit supervision, literally anything was manifestable, and this was a way to help lots of the kids relax and begin to use their imaginations from the subconscious state.  One of the students named Aili brought forth a monkey dancing the samba, which did little more than distract the nearest cowboy who was watching from the nearby hills.  One of the boys brought forth a canon that would shoot small robots into the distance, and this seemed to help some.

In any case, the ideas were numerous and often hilarious and the Lord just seemed delighted at the amount of variety the students were bringing forth.

I spent an afternoon with the Lord up on the roof watching these different manifestations, while angels served us a late lunch.   Time felt weird here, as usual.

I’d say we’re off to a good start, what do you think?

Couldn’t’ be more fascinated with how you’re running this, Lord, I must say!


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