Mermaid Atlanta

Just a quick note here as I study some old revelations:   MERMAIDS!   Was Atlanta a real being?
“HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SO PRETTY AND LOOK LIKE A FISH?–Such a big mouth! It is for Atlantis, and she wants me to love her little children. Her name is Atlanta–it’s feminine. Atlantis is her land. Jesus bless her, Lord! I love her, Lord!”
Some of these old MO Letters have some wild stuff in them!  As I’m sitting here enjoying a Sunday afternoon drawing pictures of mermaids and editing the latest SpiritWars broadcast, the thought did come up that there was a pretty interesting revelation about mermaids:

HE KNOWS THE NAME OF JESUS, HE KNOWS YOUR POWER & AUTHORITY TO COMMAND THE DEMONS! We have authority over them & they have to obey us! Do you believe that? It happens! You don’t have to let them get away with it! Just tell them to get their God-damned Hell out of there, & I mean it’s God-damned Hell when they’re around, too! Tell the devil to get out! On your way, buddy! I hate to dump him on this island, for God’s sake, maybe you ought to pray him off the island & dump him in the sea or something! Poor Atlanta, she’s got enough problems out there! You haven’t heard about her, have you? Someday you will! (See “Atlanta!” No.615.)
ATLANTA IS THE GODDESS OF THIS ISLAND! She’s like a mermaid & she lives out there in the bay most of the time‚ but of course she’s a spirit. She sure knows me! I haven’t seen her for awhile. Every time I talk about her I nearly flip out! Lord help her! Praise God? Do you believe it? I do, I know! . . .  She pleads for these children on this island, her children.

4. WHO IS SHE?” All of a sudden I saw her swimming in the water out here above what is supposed to be the sunken remains of Atlantis, that she was like the Goddess of Atlantis, and that in a way she is bound to the remains of Atlantis. I even had the question on my heart,
5.WHY LIKE A FISH?” Is this because Atlantis is sunken and under the water?–And this is the idea I got. Therefore she is also the Goddess of the Canaries, one of the few remaining parts of the Continent still above water!
Well at the end of the day all I can say is that many of the crazier revelations that this old wild prophet had turned out to be true, and we’re only just now really learning about Atlantis and the undersea people…  maybe they’re not all bad, we’ll just have to wait and see!  Test’m by the Name of Jesus and “did Jesus come in the flesh” . . .

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