Metal Gear and the MK-Ultra Remote Viewing Super Soldiers!

Playing through the first Metal Gear Solid game for PS1, just beat Mantis, and had some impressions of the connections between this game and the real Super Soldiers I’m coming into contact with.  There is a real similarity in this game and the real people who are being used by top secret underground government programs.  For instance, Psycho Mantis parallels a lot of the remote viewers you might find (See Solaris Blue Raven and a few of the remote viewers James Rink interviews).  The “FOX HOUND” unit in the game parallels all the underground supersoldiers you might run into even without knowing it.  Broken, searching people who are also being used by the black ops to fight wars they don’t even understand.
From a Christian perspective, you might call them the AntiChrist Soldiers.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t save them, and it doesn’t mean they don’t want to learn about the Lord and Salvation.  However, the mind control programming goes pretty deep and you need a lot of patience when dealing with these types of people.  I’m aware of Russ Dizdar having met quite a few of these people and prayed with them.  Steve Quayle is another guy who is aware of and is praying on this level of awareness.  “Lord please bless all those of your children who are off world in various missions. . . ”  and he prays that with his whole heart, God bless him!
In any case, the game Metal Gear seems to get better with age and touches on things that we are hitting on pretty hard now in 2012.

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