MGS Ground Zeroes: Time for Revolutionary Return to (Old) New Weapons

Recently Hideo Kojima released a clip showcasing this amazing new installment of Metal Gear Solid, set in the days of cassette tapes!  The cool thing with this video is the mix of the old technology and the new, secret black ops technology that really did exist then and you better believe exists now.
This series has always been a stimulant for me to want to get into the Spiritual Study of the New Weapons, as released in prophecy.  There exists a great frontier awaiting us in front of each one:  The Keys, Spirit Helpers, Spirit Trips, Loving Jesus, and Prophecy.  Within these channels, you can go forward into new territory and take hold of your destiny!
Let’s do a quick overview of what the ‘new weapons’ are of the black government, and how the Lord’s Weapons subdue all of these and more!
Teleportation: I have personally met people who are abducted by people who show up suddenly in their locked houses, drug them, and take them away.  However, in the Bible Apostles and Jesus used this weapon.
UFO‘s: Well DUH, these do exist and so do aliens, but did you know God has His own craft, too?  In a prophecy called “Key Craft” there is one such craft described.  I believe we can also call these down in our own personal and spiritual lives.  I also recently found a book called “Angels in Starships” by an Italian man who describes meeting the Arcangel Raphael who came to him and some of his friends in a flying saucer, and took them to other planets!  This book is available to read online for free.
Shape-Shifting: This weapon is used by underground Government people a lot and is extremely bizzarre, but apparently does work.  In the Spirit, you can be anything!  Don’t let the Enemy have the rights over this weapon.  Soon these spiritual weapons will be manifested physically and you’ll be able to shape-shift at will, under the authority and direction of the Holy Spirit.  In the Enemy’s Kingdom, they use this for evil purposes, but in the Lord’s Kingdom, now, you can use this for the loving Jesus revelation, or weapon.  Becoming a woman in spirit requires a ‘Shape Shift’ for any man, in order to be the Lord’s bride.  This is described in detail in the publications having to do with Loving Jesus.
Spirit Summoning: If you are interested in a bit of history here, Douglas Dietrich describes a scenario in the US Government which is quite strange, but makes a lot of sense:  Ever since World War 2 there has been a Satanic summoning of evil spirits through human sacrafice and war.  I think it goes without saying that the Lord’s got 2/3rds of the Heavens still with Him, and we are intimately connected with Him so we should be able to call these forth, too.  Using the Weapon of Prophecy, we are able to contact and recieve help from these various entities in the Lord’s Kingdom, and it’s only a matter of time before they begin to manifest directly in our lives in a more physical way, just as the secret black ops people are working towards acheiving as well.
Astral Travel: Spirit Trips!  If you are interested in Heaven, why not go there?  If you are saved, have your spirit filled with the Holy Spirit and wish to be whisked off for a trip into the Kingdom of God, then have a good journey!  Only your faith limits you.  If you are not a spiritually sensitive person, don’t worry, just ask the Lord to start describing the situation for you and you can go there by faith.  Rick Joyner has a great Trip called “Final Quest,” you can read for edification.  The Enemy uses this weapon too, for their own military purposes, but they are doing so without the Guidance of God. . .   Reptilians apparently are very adept at this, being high-level psychic beings.  But all knees bow at the Name of Jesus!  So if you meet one of those lizards just shoot him down with the Word!    In this Metal Gear game preview we see a man who’s face looks a lot like a reptilian.  IN the previous metal gear they started to touch upon ultra black ops alien stuff, who knows if this one won’t also go further down the rabbit hole?
Remote Viewing:  Similar to Astral Travel, but in Christendom we call this “Visions and Prophecy” . .  .believe it or not the military does utilize this, with simple ‘remote viewers’ sitting down with a pen and paper and just describing what they see. . . very often it’s extremely accurate!
Time Travel: Yup, it sounds crazy, but they have this weapon too.  However, there comes a time when they can no longer change time, I’m told.  History can be altered, according to former Darpa time traveler Andrew Basiago and scientist James Anderson of the Anderson Institute, but only to a certain extent.  I am currently doing a study of the MO Letters which is searching for these details of ‘time travel’ in the Spirit, and I am very surprised how much is there.  I don’t think the Lord will allow us to harm anyone through this, but why not use it?  It seems Time is as easily alterable as Space, so the day may come when we all start to use this weapon, too.  For now, in meditation times we can look into the future, and research the past just by getting quiet and focusing on something.  God did turn back the sun for a whole day, once, so either he used time travel or he stopped an entire planetary body from rotating which would be a disaster.
To sum up, here’s the deal:  All the Weapons need to be updated.  The Military uses extremely high-tech, alien and spiritual weaponry, but that doesn’t mean you, Christian need to be living in the Dark.  By Faith, the Words of David are yours.  By faith, you can continue to see insights into what else is out there, and hone your own prophecy channel to see into the Spirit and to contact your angels.   Ian Clayton has been inspiring me lately to go deeper into these realms, and there are many other pastors out there who do so as well.  Happy Traveling and Training!  Just because the Weapons may be a bit old, remember how cool these Metal Gear games were when they would get into the detail of the old weapons, bringing out the history and use of each tank, helicopter, assault rifle, and include all the background of the Cold War and Cuban missile Crisis etc.?   That’s how we should look at these ‘Old Weapons,’ too. . .   they are updated by the Spirit.  TIME FOR THE NEXT MISSION!!!

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