Michael Basham has a prophetic dream about a strange charismatic teacher and the Pope

I have been following the blogs and youtube channel of, Michael Basham, for sometime now.  Basham operates a youtube channel called keyblades, and he also operates the blogs: starsword.wordpress.com and warriorswithoutborders.wordpress.com

Recently, Basham had a dream about a charismatic and peculiar man in his late 30’s, who was teaching amongst a group of Basham’s Christian friends. Toward the end of the dream, Basham was advised that the charismatic and peculiar man was the Pope. This dream both shocked and intrigued me, remember that the current Pope is a Jesuit, so was this dream warning Basham of a coming covert Jesuit infiltration? Or did it mean something else? I do not know.. and am not claiming to have a correct interpretation of this dream.. all I can say is, is that I believe God is trying to tell Basham something. Remember that throughout the Bible, God’s main method of communication has been to use dreams. God used dreams to communicate to the Pharaoh about the seven years of famine, he used dreams to inform Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon about the future Kingdoms, and God also used dreams on many other occasions throughout the Bible.

Those wishing to hear about Michael Basham’s recent dream about the Pope, and where he shares some other interesting information, should click the below video link from Michael Basham’s youtube channel.

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