Mini River of Life Spirit Trip

VISION: I am sitting with the Lord beside a peaceful river, and I know it’s the river of life. At the river bottom are countless jewels and also living things swimming around, and the feeling is absolute peace but also lots of action and movement as lots of people are jumping into the water bathing themselves. Sometimes they are staying in for a long time until the filth of the world is washed away, every memory of the bad and false and evil things that have been a part of their lives. . .   all of it is just completely removed from their bodies. They emerge pure and clean and incredibly happy looking! I suddenly realize that these are all people on Earth who just decided that they were going to come here in the Spirit. Some of them would then linger around and go exploring into the distance, as there were forests, mountains, and beautiful cities that all looked very inviting. Angels would also bring them back through portals to go to Earth if they were ready to go back, as I had also just entered through one of these. Jesus’s presence there with me just filled me with such reassurance, but I wanted to know His thoughts on the details of my life  that were troubling me.

<Jesus> the World is a place where you are going to face tribulation and battle, and I have promised you that. If you follow Me, it’s not going to be easy. But I also said My burden is light and that you could come to Me at any time to receive peace that surpasses all understanding. Not as the World gives do I give My peace to you. Breathe the air here, and notice how fresh it is – it’s full of praise to Me and My Father! The more you praise, the more you will be in this place. The Earth is foul and tainted with sickness everywhere, but I want you to bring the very atmosphere from this place into the Earth, and then face the situation with the knowledge that you are both My soldier, My Bride, and My chosen one, to handle this battle that no one else could. I picked you for this purpose, and you said “yes” to Me, although you probably don’t remember!

I picked you to be like Me, for everyone who is perfect is like their master, and if they hated Me they will hate you. Your family situation, financial problems, and the problems with your mate and the mental and physical anguish that you face there are all too much for you to handle on your own. It’s not going to stay that way, and I am not going to leave you out on the street. You are also not alone in this, but there are countless others of your brethren and sisters around the Earth who face similar situations. The Enemy is fighting dirty and he likes to get you when you’re down, and when you’re trying to do the good work of supporting your family and faithfully taking care of all those little things, and as long as you do what you can do, I will do all that I can do, if you will allow Me!

Will you allow Me to do all that I can do in your life, to change things around and to bring you to a place where I am all that matters to you?

<me> Yes, Lord, I do! I say yes! I want you to refashion my life according to Your perfect plan, and I trust Your Words.

Vision: HE SMILED AND PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME, WATCHING THE PEOPLE BATHING IN THE RIVER. ABOVE THE WATER WERE BIRDS FLYING, AND BEES GOING TO THE FLOWERS COLLECTING POLLEN along the riverbanks, and then high up above were these impossible huge crystal structures effortlessly gliding through the air. Some of these had little verandas and structures on top of them, too, with hanging gardens, sort of like miniature floating palaces. Inside of these structures sometimes were little parties where people were having fun jumping into the water below. Ah yes, and there were people flying around, too. The sheer color emanating from everything was just overwhelming, and the light was dazzling. The Heavenly city light was reflecting on everything and making it even more vivid and full of intricate details so that their perfection, down to every single blade of green grass was clearly visible. The top of the river just shimmered and throughout all this beauty I felt a peace that could overcome any kind of evil and darkness, not because it wasn’t going to face it but because this was the true goodness of God, and His plan for us. I couldn’t help it, I just started to cry with sheer joy and hugged the Lord.


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