Monktality and Spiritual Social Media #to Millennials 2

It is easy to start thinking that you have to separate yourself from the world completely.  In the beginning I thought I had to do this, but as time went on I kept noticing that God was putting me into situations with lots of people.  The trick is to still have that special quiet time away from the hubbub.  Enoch is the best example.  He started out with 1 day a year and ended with all days of the year with the Lord.  So I guess it’s a process.  Maybe someday we can all finally escape the world and be totally focused on the Spirit without any distraction, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of all the grind of daily life and interactions with other sinners that helps you to lose that false hypocritical religious veneer?

We have a lot of resources from which to draw from as we learn how to connect with God and travel in the Spirit, namely David Joseph (Praying Medic)’s book and Ian Clayton.  However triangulation is always good and here is my story!

The reason I’d like to primarily target Millennials is that they are the perfect bunch to see in the Spirit.  They have played video games and become completely immersed into a virtual environment.  They are clueless about societal norms from the last 2 generations more often than not.  They are– actually I should just say you –you are into Rick and Morty and other trans-dimensional entertainment.  You  have instant access to all info at any time so all that remains is lighting the fire of DESIRE within you to become your own teacher, armed with your internet and ability to listen to podcasts, share your journey with others, and whatever the heck else you can imagine!  The desire is the key because once you catch the bug, there is no going back.  The Spirit is addicting, worse than any video game or social media ever created by man.  In fact, maybe what we’re doing with this traveling in the Spirit business could be likened to social media of the Spirit.  You’re engaging directly with countless entities, some are negative and some are positive.  You need discernment and to be trained with the Word of God so lying spirits can’t trick you.



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