Mother who refused to vaccinate her son loses primary custody – (Brave Woman – Cowardly Man)

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  1. agreed – brave woman -she had the best interests of their son at heart. the father is a coward, but is primarily motivated most likely by getting her primary custody overturned so he can then seek to have his child support reduced. never forget what Deep Throat said @ Watergate : “follow the money” – because as we know the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. It has been proven vaccines (especailly untrustworthy these days in the face of the globalist luciferian elite agenda outlline on the Georgia Guidestones re population reduction and control, cause things like AUTISM as well as other diseases / conditions). Things like mercury have been found in vaccines. This agenda is all about A) control -forcing the people to obey THEIR agenda (elite) & B) dumbing down the populace (even more than by the educational (I mean indoctrinational) system. Of course B greatly aids the control agenda of A.

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