My Interview with Douglas Duane Dietrich – Critical Omissions – Discussing TFI and more!

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  1. Thankyou for the re-post. I listened to your interview live and may listen to it again. I encourage those considering listening to the interview to definitely check it out. Two guys here with a lot of experience in the alternative media and intelligence community. They definitely have a lot of valuable things to contribute. Dietrich has been shoulder to shoulder with Jesuit/Illuminati mind controller Michael Aquino, and Basham has been researching alternative information for years in addition to being an evangelist. Great stuff here guys.

  2. sorry for the typos LOL. I enjoyed hearing your perspective altho one thing I would point out, is that as well intentioned as any one man or woman of God is, or any movement may start out with , the enemy has a long history or perverting, corrupting, dividing, derailing, etc. I’m sure Don had the best motives – if you’ve never read the story of one of his best friends, J Rufus Moseley, ‘Manifest Victory” I strongly recommend it as he journeyed thru cults, and different sects, religions, phillosophies, etc until he finally met Jesus in such a powerful way he committed his life to serving Him wholeheartedly and never joined any “church” thereafter.

    1. I’ve seen the shortcomings in every man of God I’ve ever met or been related to, but by far Rufus Moseley has stood out to me personally as the greatest and highest of just laying all aside for the relationship with the Lord. I used to study Don Bashams own marked up copy of Manifest Victory as a young teen and found many things in there to he absolutely liberating! How did you find brother Rufus?

  3. Each ministry may have a specilaised mission in YaHWeH’s plan, thus L A Marzulli, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, Michael Heiser, Michael and Mary Lou Lake, even Jim Bakker, Col. Robt Macginnis, etc, all may have not been aware of the extent of pedophilia but I’m sure it came as no surprise because they’re quite knowledgeable about the devil’s mission to steal, kill, destroy, as well as the Illuminati, their goals and practices. (many thanks to guys like Dr. William Schnoebelen and Doc Marquis, for their exposures, as well as Fritz Springmeier, Cahty O’Brien and Svali. Remember Paul said, we’re not all eyes, ears, mouths, legs, arms, in the body of believers, but each has his own place. I’m sure you’re quite familiar with Lester Sumrall and his widely reported deliverance of the lady possessed in jail in the Phillipines. Derek Prince was a wonderful man of God and great bible teacher.I have his 25 CD set on Spiritual Conflict and it was years ahead of its time.

    1. I’m happy to hear that about Derek’s teachings and also blown away by your amount of research into these many other amazing men of faith. Sounds like you are someone I need to interview yourself, dear fellow warrior!

  4. I cannot condone calling a fellow member of the Adamic creation “a piece of shit” amongst other things. This is the first time I’ve heard (and I follow / research a myriad of blogs, YT channels, web sites, authors, etc) anyone disparage a brother in the way this interview did. I cannot see Jesus, or even Don Basham, or Derek Prince, or Paul, or even the Holy Ghost referring to someone as a “human piece of shit” – and then to listen to this diatribe wherein he soulnds like a paranoic delusional martyr or something, does nothing to draw me closer to Jesus, or want to, and it was Jesus who said, If I be lifted up I will draw men to me” . We’re all still somehat products of our life experiences, and as I recently explained to a brother, we can overcome or we can allow them to cause a root of bitterness to grow. I also have heard of threats to Quayle, and I do know he’s constantly trying to lift up Jesus and point people to Him, telling them to repent, get their life together, grow into deeper intimacy with Jesus, etc. I ‘ve never heard him refer to anyone as a “human piece of shit” . I know people who came back to ADONAI YAHSHUA. were drawn back to Him, by hearing Steve. Since then they ‘ve broadened their walk and sources of spiritual nourishment. Whatever Steve’s faults / shortcomings he’s a) pointing people to Jesus / Yahshua and b) he will stand before the judgment seat of Messiah to give an account – which I’m sure he’s not unaware of .

    1. Very much agreed and thank you for defending him! I myself have been greatly blessed by Mr. Quayle and do hope to interact with him again in the future. Unfortunately the church is far from unified and people are always at odds with each other. I’m just the kid between mommy and daddy, I don’t know!!
      But seriously in all maturity, even if someone accuses or crosses me I will hopefully just be able to praise God that at the end of the day, the Gospel is preached.

  5. Praise God for your Christ like spirit and attitude / mental outlook! I found Rufus’ book in the early days of coming back to Jesus after being turned off by “believers””, rebelling, going the way of drugs, sex, drunkenness, the occult and generally being a hellish guy. Thru my parents constant prayers God spared my life on a speed overdose but it would take another year and an encounter with one of the powers of darkness for me to decide “if they’re real, then God & Jesus must be real too”. I chose to have my dad lead me in repentance prayer and submit to Christ. Shortly thereafter, I was attending Full Gospel Businessmen’s meetings wherein I encoutnered stuff by your granddad, Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Agnes Sanford, and one of the most beneficial to me, J Rufus Moseley. I bought both Manifest Victory and Perfect Everything and to this day they’re incomparable in their minstering to me aside from scripture itself.

  6. LOL again I apologise for typos – and I add that once I resubmitted to Christ I never had the depth of teaching available today to help me understand what it really meant – that I would have to learn to crucify the flesh, learn to have the mind of Christ, (all daily of course) , that I would have to study to show myself approved, that I would have to learn not to look to people, assemblies of believers, spiirtual “leaders” – I should’ve realised that last one as Rufus said he learned to call no man Father, Reverend, or whatever, just friend or brother or sister.I spent as I’ve said over 40 yr as Moseley described himself, in part of his walk, “coming in and going out” (back into the wilderness). For now I’m seeking to have Yashua change me more into His image in my life and to follow His Spirit’s direction.

    1. Fantastic! It would be great to have you on the SpiritWars show sometime if ever your free. Do you Skype? Nowadays we have the ability to step into this stuff as much as we like, depending on our time. I’m happy to think where else those teachings will lead, and don’t worry about typoes! Recently I have discovered Ern Baxter as one who has brought forth all those biblical roles as an integral thing… I was raised with the notion that covenant was way off but found this not to be the case so much later on.


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