Neville Johnson to USA: In the Midst of Great Darkness, the Glory of the Lord will Return to this Nation

“People have died for this nation, and you’re fighting for their inheritance”
There will be times that the disasters will be so great here ( I saw this in a clear vision) – people were being killed, in rioting and battles and gunfire, and God’s people were coming and raising them from the dead.
People will say “these people have the true message – I was in Hell!”
You gotta remember all this when thing s get bad. God is on the Throne. He hasn’t forsaken you, you have forsaken Him. But He’s going to empower you, and it’s going to be a set time of favor for those who have been following Him.
A lot of Christians are going to be disillusioned because they were told this would never happen. It’s going to be a real wakeup call.

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