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—–(by a precious Channel who goes by the name Happy!)

Dear little ones watch and Pray that yea enter not into temptation the Spirit is willing, watch and pray, My law is in your heart that you might be partakers of mine divine nature, I love to see you store the Word in your heart Word by Word because you can meditate in my Word every day, I love every little deed of love that you do.
Yet what I want to give you is far beyond, I love every little deed of love you do, everything that you do to show me your Love, but I want the most is that you believe My Words everyday that you know I’m with you even unto the end of the World, that you ask me about the things you don’t understand, that you are yielded to my guidance and Love the Words that I speak are Spirit and truth, you don’t have to even question the things I show you in My Spirit, nor the dreams when you pray, I show the spirit world. My loves, let My Spirit free, let Me guide you in that, let Me respond to answers of the universe, oh how I wished to show to all My disciples of old, My whole nature and you My whole nature I’m the eternal I Am, I have no beginning and no end, I Was, Am and Will Be. Do you want the solution to everything? Abide in Me and I will abide in you, just as my Father and Me are one so you and me can be one everyday, I AM want to be one with you everyday, I have place in you the desire to follow my Will from the beginning nothing will be able to quench that desire if you seek me everyday, you all go through different stage according to your faith, but increase your faith in Me by clinging to My love the one I gave you when you received Me in your heart, never become desperate in your flesh thinking that  you have failed, give me Praise and Glory with your heart and mind and when you start doing that, I give you Power to overcome all the power of the enemy, don’t look to those around you wondering what kind of faith they have at each moment, pray that I increase their faith, if you cultivate this mindset the mindset of My Spirit in you, you’ll be strong in Me, I’ll lead each one of you My loves through paths where you’ll have to trust Me for the present knowing that where ever you go I’m with you, a part of you, if you keep believing this, one day you will see how My promises, that I gave to you, fulfilled in your lives. It will all come so natural because you’ll know that I’m true and faithful, is like when I wanted to do the will of My Father being a Child yet I obeyed and learn to lean in My Father each day, not being conformed to this world but seeking daily the Love, I came to earth to set you free indeed, so don’t strive in your flesh, become one with My Spirit, remember how you felt when you first felt me inside, I keep making all kinds of wonders, but don’t rejoice that the spirits have to obey you but rejoice because you are Mine and your names are in the Book of Life, this is the Key to life, I’m The Door, you used the First Key when you got saved and entered into My Kingdom, now keep using the rest of the Keys for each Key has a purpose in your life and in those around you.
Did you know about the Key of Travel? This Key takes you to many places, My Holy Spirit can talk to your heart and get you where the need is, get filled with My Love, this is one of the greatest weapons over evil.

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