New Weapons Being Confirmed

So far I have found three of the most controversial New Weapons the Family has put into use being confirmed by outside sources who are Holy Spirit-Filled Christians!

The first is Ian Clayton, who has a very strong defense in using Spirit Helpers and learning and speaking with Angels.  He references a miraculous vision he had in which the Lord had a “Wine Cellar” with each spirit’s essence being released upon opening and consumption, for example, “The Spirit of David” or “Moses.”   Hmm, where have I heard and seen that before?  In fact there is an old MO letter with that exact picture, I’ll have to locate it!
The second is Jerry Lee, “The Manifester,” who is a very interesting Seer Prophet you can listen to.  He has confirmed so far:  The David of the End (not being JEsus, and going to take over the world with his children),  Loving Jesus as His bride–  indirectly, and that we are all part female in Him, if we are a part of the church, thus, hence, so, guys become girls when it comes to their intimate relationship with Jesus (basically that’s the interpretation I got from his teaching, found in “Diary of Mary Magdalene”)
The third is also from Jerry Lee, and this is about Maria, Mama, the End Time Prophetess. . .   I know this is a controversial topic, but her position as End Time Prophetess is another thing I think is leading us to Final Victory, and bringing forth many intimate Brides unto the King.  The indirect interpretation I got from this teaching, also in “Mary Magdalene’s Diary” was that somehow Maria has Mary Magdalene’s Spirit!
I know that’s far fetched, but we’re still working on it!
And another thing was the overall weapon of “Spirit Trips” as we are invited to journey to the Heavenly Realm to experience the thrills, and even participate in the Warfare of the Kingdom if we so desire!  Let’s go for it!  The Family’s doctrines may not be so out there afterall!  In fact, I don’t think they are out there ENOUGH!
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