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79. (Jesus continues:) Praise Me for the things of the spirit, and try to be specific about why you appreciate them. Why are you thankful for the key of protection? What does a certain spirit helper do that you appreciate? Why are you thankful for a certain spiritual weapon? You can use this type of praise in public before saying a prayer, and then call on that very same weapon, key, or spirit helper in your prayer.
80. Don’t neglect other forms of praise, such as reading praises from the Word and singing songs. These other forms can be very edifying if you really look at them as praises and are thinking of Me and praising Me in your mind at the same time.
Loving Jesus:
116. This has nothing to do with a male–with-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship! This is a relationship between a Bridegroom and a bride, a Man and a woman, a Male and a female, a Husband and a wife. Therefore you can remain pure when you love Him as His Bride.
117. Up until now you have had to stay away from all thoughts of loving a male. The Lord has commanded it, because it is not pleasing in His sight to have a male making love to another male. But in your intimate relationship with Jesus, in which you make love with Him in Spirit, you are not male, you are a female in the Spirit.
118. In one of the prophecies above, the Lord made it quite clear. He said: “I see you as a radiant and loving Bride‚ for I see in the Spirit, and you must see in the Spirit.—Do not see in the flesh.” In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This is not a male-with-male relationship. It is a spiritual female‚ you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the man, the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife. He says He’s giving you a loving dispensation and a freedom in the Spirit so you don’t have to be bound by your former weaknesses.—As long as you understand and know and continually think of yourself as a woman in the Spirit when you are loving this way, because this is how the Lord sees you!
Spirit Helpers:
101. (Vision: ) I’m seeing a white horse in a field. It rears up on its hind legs and changes into a guardian angel. He’s walking toward me now, a very strong and brilliant-looking angel. In one hand he holds a sword, and in the other a book of some kind. It strikes me as being a stone tablet. He’s holding it up for me to see now.
102. (Angel:) I am the guardian of your personal revolution. Jesus has sent me to you as your guardian, your keeper, your inspiration at this time when so much is changing. The book I hold in my hand is the Word of God. This book gives me the power to do the miracles I will do for you and through you at this time.
103. While my outward appearance may seem to you to be that of a white stallion, I am, in fact, an angel of great power. I am not actually a horse in spirit. I am as you see me now, an angel with human form.
104. I have come that your soul might have joy abundant. I am here to make your life for Jesus worthwhile and filled with excitement. I am a spirit of freedom—freedom in the spirit; freedom to be liberated from the shackles of the old ways; freedom to take on the new garments Jesus is giving you‚ the garments of unity‚ humility, and greater faith.
113. One of our greatest testimonies to outsiders is our unity. They recognize that it’s a miracle that we can live together in harmony. We’re from different walks of life, different nationalities, different backgrounds; we’re even two generations living together under the same roof‚ and in some cases three generations. And yet comparatively speaking, things go remarkably well, flow smoothly, and we’re happy together.
114. Many families in the System, just the husband and wife with their children, have a hard time communicating on the shallowest level. Barely getting along and managing the day-to-day affairs of their lives as a small family unit is a near impossibility for many. So when they see us living together, working together and loving together, they know it’s something very special. It helps them to believe that God does exist, that His love is real today, and it makes them want to have that love as well. “By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).
115. But I’m sorry to say that in recent years the Enemy has greatly attacked our unity. We’re not as united as we should be, and this is a very serious breach of our spiritual security, as well as a strong hindrance to our fruitfulness and even our personal happiness. Being unified is extremely important, because it brings down the Spirit of the Lord and His blessings. To be in unity means we walk hand in hand, we’re of the same mind, we fight together, pray together, reach for the same goals, have the same standards and convictions.
Getting on the “Prayer Channel”
146. (Sonale:) Prayer is a battleground. In prayer is where spiritual war is waged, where the outcome of the battle is decided. Prayer is a battle taking place right before your eyes, and how much you want to be involved in the battle, how effective you will be in fighting, depends on how desperate you are.
147. In order to be most effective in prayer, you can’t be thinking about how tired you are or how uninspired you may feel. You have to set all feelings and possible difficulties aside and focus on the battle of prayer that you must fight and win. You must be willing to give it all you’ve got, whether you’re praying for five minutes, for half an hour‚ or even if it’s for a couple of seconds. You have to be completely “there” in the spirit, completely focused on your hand-to-hand combat with the Devil and his minions.
148. You’ve been given many tips, much has been revealed to you about the power of prayer and how to wield this marvelous weapon, but when it comes down to it, your desire to fight and win—also known as faith and desperation—is the most important ingredient in prayer.
149. You must learn to enter the place of prayer—also known as the spirit of prayer, or the channel of prayer—in the spirit. This is when you have dedicated your time, your focus, your thoughts, your goals—everything is given to Jesus, and you are ready and willing to fight. In this spiritual “place” of prayer, we can help you to know what to pray for and how to pray.
End Time Prophet!
60. This dear sister was so excited, she said, “Brother David‚ God gave this to me and said I must come out and tell you about it right away quick—that it’s about you!”—And she was so convinced it was of God and to be fulfilled in us that she’d driven her car [more than 1,300 miles] to tell us!—And guess what it was?—Ezekiel 34!
61. Well, I thought, “That’s nice—the Lord even chose a passage that had my name in it and applied it to me! He took a passage that talked about David!” I never dreamed He could possibly be actually talking about me personally in that passage! I believed that God was applying this to us and the family to encourage us, but you couldn’t have ever convinced me by the wildest stretch of my imagination that God was actually talking about us!—That He actually uttered this prophecy originally for you and for me about what God was going to accomplish through us!
62. Nevertheless‚ right after this prophecy, we went to California and hit our all–time low visiting with Grandmother—no openings, no bookings, no money! The City of the System refused this little band of bedraggled knights and warriors and we went discouraged on our way! It was there in California that God gave us Psalm 68 and told us that it meant us—which at the time really sounded too big for our little family!
If you’re fearful for tomorrow, you lose sight of the goal for today, and it makes today a double struggle, because you’re carrying the cares of tomorrow as well as those of today. You cannot remedy tomorrow’s difficulties today, so concerning yourself with them today is futile. Leave them for tomorrow, when they become the present and the challenge at hand. By doing that, you’ll find that whatever it is you need to persevere through that day, it will be yours, for I always give you what you need to fight each battle. If you find that you don’t have it in you to fight the next battle, perhaps it’s because you’re not in that battle yet and you need to stop fretting about it and face the obstacle that is in front of you now—not what awaits you up ahead.
The path of humility and yieldedness is one that only gets better with each step you take along it. Every day that you determine to take another step down that path you’re making the next step in front of you easier.
Just rest in Me. It’s not time wasted to rest and commune together with Me. It’s not work time‚ it’s our love time‚ so you don’t have to be accomplishing anything tangible. The important thing is that you come, knowing you need it, knowing you want it, knowing you can’t live without it. For indeed you can’t. Without Me you can do nothing good.
115. A key unlocks something more. It doesn’t mean that you leave the things from before behind and don’t use them. A key opens a new realm or a new room or treasure to you. You don’t lose what you had before, nor does it take the place of what you had before. My Word—the Bible, the words I poured through David and continue to pour through Maria and Peter‚ and the words I am pouring each day through My channels, even through you each time you hear from Me—give you the power to keep going.
116. all these are one. When you began to receive My voice of prophecy, it didn’t lessen the Bible hidden in your heart, but fulfilled and enhanced it. So it is with the keys. These are not to lessen your faith in the Bible or in Me, for they are from Me.
117. You have memorized My written Word in the Bible and have brought it to life through using it, and I love to see you standing on My Word. Now there is a need to learn to stand on and make good use of the keys as well, and to do so you must focus on building a foundation in their use so that you will become accustomed to using them.

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