New Weapons Rehearsal

Call on the keys and I will fill your mouth with My Words that are mighty to the tearing down of the Enemy’s strongholds.
The keys can anoint your spirit, mind, thoughts and words with heavenly wisdom, so you can answer any accusation brought against you and expose and destroy the lies of the Devil.
As you call on and wield the keys, I will give you power over every attack of the Enemy‚ to destroy his power.
The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to conquer all who fight you‚ and to stand victorious over all evil.
As you reach up for the keys, every evil intention of your enemies will be destroyed.
Every enemy will fall under the power of the keys.
All power is given unto you through the keys to destroy Satan’s work.
I will give you words of witness, testimony, and unequaled conviction and power through the keys of the Kingdom.
Use the keys turned to swords to fight desperately in prayer, and then rest assured that the power of your enemies is no match for the power I will wield on your behalf.
When the Enemy or enemies come in like a flood, you can lift up a standard against them through the keys and cause their attacks to come to naught.
The power of the keys will defeat all who oppose the Words of David.
When My children have departed from the faith‚ when they no longer choose to follow Me, when they refuse to repent of their waywardness, place them in My hands. As you commit them to Me, call on the power of the keys to release My power to work in their lives as no other can.
Wield the power of the keys against your enemies. Call for My hand to move on your behalf and I will bring to naught the works of all who fight My Words of truth and My Family.
No weapon that is raised against you can stand against the power of the keys.
When you call on the keys of the Kingdom to release their power, no enemy can triumph over you, for I will repay.
All things that rise against you will be put down by the power of the keys.
The forces of Satan will be turned into dust and blown away when you use the keys.
In the power of the keys you will reign victorious over all the Earth. Call on the keys and ride on their power into the Golden Age that I have promised.
continue on in the faith, My soldier. You are doing things you don’t really know yet, but they are amounting to new and newer revelations and things are coming together, just not instantaneously as you might have liked.
Watch your thoughts. Consider all your thoughts. Size them up, take stock, analyze, weigh them up, and ask yourself, what are your thoughts accomplishing? Where are they going? Are they headed in the right direction or in the wrong direction? Are they finely tuned to My intricate circuitry? Or are they lost in space, trapped in the gulf of nonsense? Or hot-wired to the switchboard of static and confusion?
I don’t ask more than anyone can carry. Most of you have already made great strides in learning to put My will above your own‚ at least in many areas of your life. Many of you have passed through deep waters and have discovered the only way through was to cast the weights on Me.
THE VERY INTENSITY WITH WHICH YOU PRAY AND REALLY MEAN IT OR DESIRE IT IS REFLECTED IN THE ANSWER. That picture is so vivid: It all depends on your prayers. The beam that hits the satellite is reflected according to the intensity of the original beam. The strength of the current you generate governs the current that is reflected and the current that is received.
5. THEY RECEIVE THE SAME CURRENT YOU SEND THEM. They are not going to receive any more than you send. (Question: But what about when somebody prays for someone only once in their lives?)Maybe prayer is sort of like turning on a switch: It takes effort‚ but once the switch is flipped the current is on. Maybe it will take years to get the answer, but it will eventually come, like bouncing radio waves off a distant planet. They come back, but it takes a while.
6. (QUESTION: WHY SHOULD CERTAIN ANSWERS TAKE LONGER TO COME?) When they want to go to the moon, why do they pick a certain day to go? Because if it takes, let’s say, three days to get there, the moon is going to have to be at the closest possible point in three days, so that when they leave the moon it will still be close enough to get home.
7. A MOON TRIP IS DEPENDENT ON BOTH THE POSITION OF THE EARTH AND THE POSITION OF THE MOON at the time they want to take the trip. So the astral bodies control time and us to some extent. (David prays: ) Make it simple, Lord, and (and immediately sees a picture: three little illustrations in rapid succession flash across his screen:)
8. FIRST I SEE A BALL BOUNCING: First of all, when you play tennis a great deal you know that the angle the ball leaves the racket depends on the angle at which the ball strikes the racket. The power with which the racket hits the ball and where it goes depends on the force with which it hit the ground and the stroke of the player. How high it bounces has a lot to do with the way it is directed and the force with which it is directed and the place that it strikes, all of which determine where it finally winds up.
9. THE NEXT PICTURE IS OF A BALL STRIKING A BAT: The way the pitcher throws the ball the force for which he throws it and the angle and the force with which the bat hits it, all affect where it lands. Both the pitcher and batter have a part in the outcome.
10. THE THIRD IS A BILLIARD BALL: Billiards is the most scientific of all sports having to do with the bouncing of balls. It’s the most amazing thing how an expert can take a billiard ball and shoot that billiard ball with a cue! The way his cue strikes the ball can even give it a twist to make it more curve.
11. HE CONTROLS THE ORIGINAL FORCE AND DIRECTION and the power and way in which it is sent out; the spin and everything that happens is a reflection of the way he started it off. Because he can do it so it’ll hit a cushion and bounce back and hit another ball, and that ball will bounce in another direction and hit a third ball into the pocket!
12. HE CONTROLS THE ORIGINAL DIRECTION AND FORCE, and if it is guided just right, the cushion and the other balls reflect his ball and they bounce it back and give it a little extra push. A lot depends on the distance. That distance in space has to do with time. That space in a sense regulates the time. God has regulated the location of the stars and the planets, sun and moon.
13. ANOTHER FUNNY PICTURE: THE FELLOW WHO DOES THE BREAK SHOT. They start off with the triangle of balls and the opening shot that scatters the balls all over the table. The second man then has to shoot to get all the balls he can into the pockets, which are the scoring shots. He is not allowed to move the balls by hand from their original positions, even his own ball, and is not allowed to adjust the positions where they have been created, so to speak, or where they have landed, like where God has placed the planets. The only thing he can do is try to shoot his ball in such a way that it strikes the cushions and the other balls at such an angle that it knocks one or more of them in to the pockets.
14. GOD IS THE ONE WHO FIRED THE BREAK SHOT‚ and every thing is out there in the position. He destined it to be in. He has set the stage with His original shot by the creation of planets, etc., and the rules by which the game is played and the position of all the balls, and you’ve got to play it by His rules and the position He’s put all the balls in.
15. HE SET THE STAGE WITH HIS CREATION, like the planets, the sun and the stars, etc., and they move according to His rules. In other words, He sets the original pattern and the original roles, but then we can do something with what He has set up. The original position of all these things are the major control of what happens because of their position.
. So hearken unto Me, seek Me, hear from Me, cry out unto Me and I will give you all that you need to direct and to guide My children into the Promised Land of My Love and of My Spirit and of My anointing!
99. Do you know the way to the Promised Land? Do you know what direction to lead? No, no! But I do! As you place your hand in Mine and as you hold on and follow, so can you lead My children in the path, and I will lead them on to this Land of the Spirit. (End of prophecy.)
The Enemy really hates this revelation. He tries to hinder you in any way he can to discourage and frustrate you and lead you to believe that it’s all a hoax and not necessary in order to love Me. He will try to dampen your convictions by saying that other Christians get along just fine without the Loving Jesus revelation. But you must understand that the calling to which I have called you‚ My Endtime Bride and Family, cannot be compared to the callings of other Christians in the world, not even to the great men and women of faith throughout the ages. Many Christians of old have done great things for Me and have been used mightily of Me, yet the Last Days, the time of the End, is different. All the prophets have dreamed of this day. It will be unlike any other time in history, and will require a different set of strengths and different training than any other Christian in history has had to have.
62. I know best, and I know what you will need in order to make it through the Endtime, not merely scraping by and existing, but fulfilling the role that I have laid out for you, being mighty witnesses and testimonies for Me. In order to do this, and in order to have the strength and power that you will need‚ you must love Me intimately. From this you will gain strength, wisdom and power. So if you want full power‚ anointing and blessing for today, and training for the days to come, this is the way. I call My children to practice now, to embrace this revelation now, so that they will be able to fully utilize it in the days to come.
64. So won’t you forsake the old ways now? Don’t reject the new truths that I have to give. I’m calling you to be a soldier for Me. A good soldier doesn’t follow some requests from his officer while rejecting others. He accepts them all and obeys, both the requests and the commands. This is how you will find happiness. Fighting against Me and My messages to you leads to a harder and more difficult path, one of unhappiness, rather than a fruitful, blessed, happy life.
65. Don’t delay! Put away your old garments and make room for the new ones that I want to clothe you with! I will make you into a new creature as you accept and partake of the Loving Jesus revelation, as you embrace it with your whole heart and being. It takes faith, but it’s worth it all!

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