No Impossibilities. . . RELOADED!

I had a good talk with my brother the other day, about many of the recent developments in the World, and spirituality.  It occurred to me that the Witches and the New Age people get a lot of visitations and ‘proof’ that they are in touch with invisible beings.  With Christians, as many miracles as we do get to see, it always still takes faith to believe in these Things.
One of the purposes of this blog is to compile a lot of the technical information and prophecies concerning the NEW WEAPONS which were primarily uncovered during the days of The Family International’s existence as a communal group of Christians who lived and thrived outside of the World System which is Illuminatay-Satan Controlled!
I myself lived and worked and continue to live and work with these individuals, and was eye-witness to the Lord’s Spirit and power working with them, albeit in humble, faith-requiring ways.
Now, however, things have changed.  Everyone is off on their own, working/studying.  Faith in the Supernatural is more D.I.Y. and I believe that those who are searching should have access to these amazing concepts.  Now, although the MO Letters and many writings of Family . . .Writings  are . . . written in a repetitive form, just think of it like this:  a rocket can take you to space, and a time machine can take you to another era in a heartbeat, but the instruction manual for how to operate such machinery may be quite extensive. . . not to mention the BUILDING instructions and blue prints!
Likewise, for your faith to go into these other dimensions, so to speak, I believe you must first have a solid grounding on the Words God spoke through His prophets- –  which are often written in a rather informal manner!  I believe this was on purpose, in some ways, to allow the ones who would have the faith in them to also receive likewise ‘informal’ prophecy themselves!  In fact, my first reaction to reading the MO Letters back in 2004 was: Gee, anybody could write this!  It’s truth, but laid out in an extremely straight forward, blunt manner!
So here you have it, the espresso – condensed “New Wine” and if you have the patience to look through some of this stuff, you might find things that will shock and amaze, and even offend you, but over time it will take root and you’ll have the ability to take on more and crazier things, yet still be firmly grounded on God’s Word!
The sheer repetitive nature, too, of the MO Letters and GN’s can be overwhelming.  There is sometimes a sense of monotony when reading through these prophecies, even though you may feel your spirit does drink very deeply and is fed and stretched and brought into a state of rest. . .  however if you are to look back and see the list of realities which these things brings forth, I believe you will find that list very far from boring!  The sheer wildness of each individual thing is fantastic, and so I hope to explore these more in depth, studying these treasures and polishing them off and looking at what secrets are brought forth, during these exciting times in the world.  Now, more than ever before, the Keys of the Kingdom are needed.  Now we need people to love the Lord intimately and be His brides more than ever before!  Never was the need so great for Christians to be in close personal contact with their personal Guardian Angel Team.  This is the day for extreme praise!  These are the times for direct personal prophecy from Jesus!  Get into your prayer closets!  MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!!
Learn the names of the Major Spirit Forces from Heaven sent to help, and the Demonic Arch-Enemies of the Kingdom of God, so you can cast down those principalities and thrones, by the power of your testimony and the Blood of the Lamb!
Personally take an expedition into the Spiritual Dimension, according to your faith, and ask the Lord to reveal His Secrets to you, for “His Secret is with the Righteous.”  And with God, Nothing shall be Impossible.  Get that? Anything in the above list make you go, “ah, no, well. . . I dunno . . . “  But wait!  Nothing is impossible.  So if something doesn’t go against the Word of God already revealed to us, there is no reason it can’t be possible.
Now I do not suggest that by any means the Family had some kind of monopoly on truth.  If anything the Word received by the Family should naturally lead one to continue to seek the WHOLE truth, and instill in one a desire for such understanding.  I just haven’t found so MUCH positive input straight from Heaven anywhere else.  If you know of any such source, or if you think the Mantle was taken away from the Family and given to someone else to retain “End Time Bridal Rights” then please let me know, I want to join that team!
In my opinion, things had to kind of fall apart to the physical eye in TFI because otherwise people were too caught up in ‘The Group.’  But I say that’s great, because now anyone who wishes can take hold of this mantle for themselves, without having to go through the long drawn out political process of ‘Joining FM/MM/FD and going through the Boot-Camp of the Babes Course, intense Shepherding, controlling Schedules, tight worldly-input restrictions’  (if you do not know what any of that is, then God bless you!)
It’s time to make these subjects available to the World, and we’re almost at the point where there is going to be a great hunger and a searching, and grasping for these things.  Get ready!  Ready yourself by taking personal time in the Word, the Prophecies and the Bible, and seeking whatever else the Lord has for you.  This is the War of Ages!  According to your faith be it unto you, and, Unto the Pure, all things are pure.

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  1. Very powerful article. I have read quiet a few MO letters and they are definitely powerful pieces of writing. It was clear to me that David Brandt Berg definitely had a spiritual gift from God, he seemed to have the visual gift of prophecy, as most of his prophecies were in visual format and were imparted to him through dreams.


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